Importance of election observation discussed [Archives:2006/979/Local News]

August 7 2006

SANA'A, Sept. 5 ) Keeping the polling station open and transparent is necessary for the democracy in Yemen, said an observer with the European Union Election Observation Mission.

Richard Chambers, Deputy Chief Observer with the European observers was speaking about his group's role in observing polls in Yemen. The meeting was held by the executive board of Joint Meeting Parties held Tuesday a meeting on the importance of international election observation in Yemen.

Chambers explained the main goals of the mission, which are boosting transparency of the polls, deterring vote-fraud, respecting human rights and contributing to resolution of conflict.

He clarified that the observers will monitor the legal framework and its implementation, the work of the election administration, campaign activities, the role of state institutions and civil society, the conduct of the media, voting, counting and tabulation, and the environment in which the election is being conducted.

At the meeting, Dr. Abduljalil Al-Sofi, Assistant Professor of Geography at Dhamar University, presented a work paper on the international observation and its importance. The paper recommended all political parties obey Yemeni election laws and insist on free and fair polls.

Al-Sofi stated that Yemeni people, General People Congress, JMP and other opposition parties welcomed the observers to ensure transparency of the electoral process.