Importance of Veterinary Medicine [Archives:2001/26/Health]

June 25 2001

Nabil Mustafa Mahdhi
Aden university
Media Manager
Despite the differences between animal life and human life, there are many links between the two. Therefore, this makes it necessary for man to save animals from becoming extinct, especially rare species which exist in small numbers in comparison to other animals.
Man has also to keep a congenial environment to save these animals, besides making food and health care available for them. This is the main point I focus on in this article.
As I have already mentioned, man has to use all techniques to preserve animal species from extinction. He also has to keep them immune from diseases. As a result, veterinary medicine has emerged as a branch of the medical sciences.
It is important to stress that veterinary medicine is not given the attention needed, either by the government or by Yemenis due to a lack of awareness. Besides, veterinary medicine is one of the least preferred professions in our country, mainly because vets deal only with animals. However, the fact is that we are not aware that veterinary medicine is just one dimension of the veterinary science.
Vet’s advice to farmers regarding infectious diseases and ways of protection are important. They are also responsible for examining local or imported meat sold to citizens. Veterinary medicine has a direct relation to human medicine since vets are qualified to fight diseases that might transfer from animals to humans.
Veterinary medicine is a promising career as vets have lots of privileges to enjoy. There are many opportunities they can make use of. They can open their own clinics, work in universities, participate in agricultural, animal and food research. They can be employed in the health offices and monitor food stuff. Moreover, they can obtain good jobs in the animal food industry.
In order to understand the importance of veterinary medicine as a university specialized field, let us ask what are the eligibility conditions students have to meet to register themselves in a university?
In most of the countries, interested students in this field have to get good grades in at least three science papers in their secondary school exam. These three subjects are biology, chemistry and physics.
Sometimes one can find more than six universities to teach veterinary which is a sure proof of the lack of qualified cadre in this field. It is also an important sign of this field’s growing importance. I wonder what is the response of authorities concerned in our country in this regard.