Important Yemen-German and Yemen-Dutch Cooperation Talks [Archives:1998/42/Front Page]

October 19 1998

Over the next few days, the Republic of Yemen will receive two crucial delegations – one from Germany and the other from the Netherlands. For Yemen, those talks are vital because it involves two top aid partners. At stake is roughly US$ 60 million in annual aid from these two countries.
The German delegation will be here for the annual consultation talks regarding next year’s aid package. This year’s talks are important given that there is a new party in charge in Germany, and there are new people responsible for the assistance program to Yemen. “We expect a smooth continuation of our cooperation program,” assures Dr. Helga von Strachwitz, Germany’s Ambassador in Yemen.
On the Dutch side, the situation is more festive. Yemen and the Netherlands are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their cooperation agreement. For this occasion, Ms. Eveline Herskens, Minister for International Development Cooperation and Prince Claus will arrive on the 26th of October at the head of a large delegation.
Minister Herskens is quite comfortable in international exchanges and settings, having served at the UN, World Bank, and other multinational bodies. She is also into development in a heavy way.
“We expect talks at various levels. The minister and prince – with separate programs – will pay visits to many parts of the country,” explains Ambassador A.J.Meerburg.