Imposter extorts money citizens as criminal investigation officer [Archives:2004/724/Local News]

March 25 2004

A criminal investigation officer impersonator was finally arrested in Osaifrah neighborhood, near the Hoban area, Taiz. The imposter used to pretend to be the officer on duty in the block. He would stop family cars under a gunpoint and ask for a marriage certificate, which is not normally carried in one's wallet or with car's registration papers. If the paper was not produced, he would threaten to take the victim to the Criminal Investigation Headquarters. The citizens would prefer not to create a scene with his wife, family or relatives, and instead would empty his pockets before being allowed to go. When his last victim decided to put an end to the career of the imposter, he wrote him a cheque, which would be cashed the next day. He notified the police, which in turn caught the imposter in action during the exchange the cheque for cash.