Impression about The Holy Month of Ramadhan [Archives:2000/49/Focus]

December 4 2000

Al-Sheikh Al-Kindi
UAE Ambassador to Sanaa
Yemenis habits and rituals differ from those in Emirates and many Arab countries during Ramadhan. It might be the climate, nature of Yemeni land and people and their behavior that help surround the holy month with such a spiritual climate. Kindness and humanitarian feelings are more observed. Charitable societies and organizations double their activities. People get together at qat sessions or evening parties, foodstuffs sales increase, sessions at mosques are more attended and family relations are boosted.
what I have been most attracted to is abandoning excessive talk about politics in get-togethers. They rather concentrate on social and religious issues and ideas about how to improve peoples living standards and social statues. Such discussions are more important because they are sometimes attended by government officials. They are even more credible and transparent and people are boldly tackling facts and statistics. Those activities are not only practiced in Sanaa but all over the country with the same unique flavor.
Many Happy Returns