Impression about Yemen [Archives:1999/39/Law & Diplomacy]

September 27 1999

H. E. Taha Yassin Al-Basri 
Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq 
The impressions of any Arab is, as a matter of fact, different to that of foreigners when traveling to Yemen. When an Arab travels to Yemen, he is leaving his original home to settle in another portion of his huge Arab world. Hence, he would hardly feel himself away from home, as we have the same language, history, religion, conventions, except for slight differences imposed by nature and circumstances. 
This small introduction does not mean I have no impressions about Yemen. My impressions are evolving day after day and are placed into my memories. We are living in a country where we feel as our home, and hence, feel ourselves citizens in our own country. The first impression I have is that Yemen is a perfect reminder to any Arab of our ancestors glorious and prosperous civilization whose first groups originally traveled from Yemen. While in Yemen, I feel that I am among my brothers who have the same feelings, ambitions, as well as hopes. Therefore, I say that being in Yemen never makes me feel as an alien. 
If you read the history of Yemen, it is certain that you will recognize that there is a developing process that comprises almost all dimensions of life. To get into the 21st century and to build the modern and developed society, Yemeni people are certainly moving in the right path . The Yemeni leadership is long sighted, for it has made a strong basis for the needs and necessities that will be a must in the future. 
The Yemeni people have also proved that they very much support and enhance the national Arab unity, by taking the initiative to deepen the unification of Yemen and protecting it, at the risk of their lives. I really feel there are lots of similarities between the political policy in Iraq and that of Yemen. This is the reason behind all that mutual harmonious relations and stability between the two countries. This is a manifestation of the great sincere efforts exerted by the two brotherly leaders, Saddam Hussein and Ali Abdullah Saleh and their strong commitment to serve their people as well as their countries.