Impression about Yemen [Archives:1999/40/Law & Diplomacy]

October 4 1999

H. E. Abdallah Bin Mohammed Al-Khater
Qatari Ambassador
Although I have spent only one year in the Republic of Yemen, I believe that this short period is one of my life’s richest times. Before I came to Yemen, I know a lot of information about the history and ancient civilization of this beautiful country, the different aspects of the present Yemeni society, architecture and the deep- routed traditions. However, I’m still experiencing astonishment and admiration to this country.
During my stay in Yemen, I visited many districts; Aden, Ibb, Taiz, Hudaidah, Sa’ada, Mareb and the Surroundings of Sana’a city such as Kawkaban.
I was deeply impressed by the diversity of the geographical nature.
It consists of the most known climates in the world . It is endowed by a unique topography which extends from the fascinating desert of its eastern parts to the heartbreaking beauty of the green mountains of its central parts of Ibb and Tai and the long flat areas of Tahiti and the long seacoasts.
To live and experience the beauty of Yemen is very different from just reading or hearing about it. I’m still astonished by Yemen.
The other important aspect of Yemen, is its unique architecture. It has its own features that express the talents of Yemeni people. You can’t find similarities to Santa city and other cities, and the villages of Yemen in any other Arabic country.
I believe this country has huge potentialities for tourism, which can easily be the first source of national income and foreign currency revenue even more than petroleum and natural gas.
It is important to say that the actions of violence should stop in order to make use of tourism potentialities. I believe Yemeni leadership and people are capable of putting their country very soon in the desired track.
I wish all the best for our generous and hospitable Yemeni brothers.