Impression about Yemen [Archives:1999/45/Law & Diplomacy]

November 8 1999


H.E.Mr. Mortaza Rahimi 
Ambassador of Iran 
I have stored a lot of unforgettable sweet memories as well as impressions during my residence here in Yemen. Yemenis are among the most passionate, sentimental, faithful and humble people. Besides, they are still holding fast to many valuable customs. All these features will always stay in my memory. 
The progressive strides that Yemen is making in the democratic process are quite impressive and make any one feel proud. This is a signal that Yemen is moving on a strong base to the future to build the modern Yemen. The presidential elections that took place in September 23 were the milestone for the democratic transition in Yemen. 
Yemenis’ habit of chewing qat is also another thing that I will always remember, however, I really approve and support the leadership’s continuous efforts to raise the awareness of the people to give it up. I wish that when I visit Yemen next time I will find that Yemenis will have got rid of qat. 
The most beautiful thing I would never forget is the strong, unbreakable harmony that ties the people and the leadership, for any individual could set and discuss things with anyone of those high ranking officials. This is a clear sign of the secure democratic atmosphere in Yemen. 
The last word I would like to say is that I hope from the bottom of my heart that Yemenis will achieve more and more progress and prosperity. The great bonds that tie me with many individuals and great social dignitaries in the country prove that Yemenis are very friendly. I have also found that they are very sincere, faithful, passionate, and that they have the most beautiful sentiments. Their simpleness and warm welcomes make you feel that you really live in the company of nature. This is what I felt from all, especially from his Excellency the President Ali Abdullah Saleh and his officials. 
I wish all the best for the Yemenis and a permanent, mutual and close relations between the two sisterly Muslim countries, the Republic of Yemen and the Islamic Republic of Iran .