Impression about Yemen [Archives:1999/46/Law & Diplomacy]

November 15 1999


Bader Bin Salem
Ambassador of Oman

I heard about Yemen since my childhood from my father and grandfather who visited Yemen at that time. They passed through Yemen as they were coming back from East Africa to Oman. I read about the history and tradition of Yemen. I was highly impressed with the originality and civilization of this great country.
I became well informed about this country, the cradle of the Arab civilization. I heard about the good behavior, hospitality and generosity of the Yemeni people. They are very kind people as they receive their guests warmly. They have retained the original Arabic customs. I looked forward to the day when I might come to visit Yemen. Fortunately, my dream came true as I was appointed the ambassador of Oman to this historical country, Yemen, my second home. There is a close relationship between Yemen and Oman.
I have visited a number of governorates of the Republic as I arrived in this country in the second half of the year 1995. I have seen more than I heard about Yemen. I found the originality, history, tradition which are still flourishing in this great country. I have seen the beauty of the fascinating nature as in Ibb, Taiz, mountains of Tehamah, coasts of Aden, Hodeidah, Hadramout and Al-Mahrah. Along with these fascinating views, I have also seen the skyscrapers of Shibam in Hadramout and the mosques of Yareem. I can not forget the beautiful terrain of Sana’a, Hajah and Amran.