Improve Your English – 214 [Archives:2003/694/Education]

December 15 2003

Dr. Ramakanta Sahu
I. What to Say
Situations and Expressions (58):
Giving a send-off (Bon voyage)

We often bid farewell to someone embarking on a journey or going abroad. It's an occasion of leave taking when we wish the traveller a pleasant trip and all success. We also express the hope of meeting him again soon. Expressions such as the following are used on such an occasion.

– Bon voyage. Have a super trip. May the loveliest things be yours to see and the sweetest sounds be yours to hear. “May the kindest ways be yours to keep and the happiest world be yours to share”.
– May your journey be a discovery of exotic places, new friends, and thrilling times of perfect pleasure.
– Enjoy your trip. May there be many happy times to gladden all your days. Know this trip is something you've long looked forward to Hope that every moment is a happy dream come true, full of fresh, exciting things to hear and do and see Just the perfect kind of trip you know that it would be! Enjoy every minute.
– Have a wonderful trip and hope you bring back lots of snapshots and smiles.
– Have a great trip. There's lots of fun in store for you as you venture on your trip full of excitement and thrilling times. Make sure you're well equipped. Have a great time.
– Have fun on your trip. May many sunny days, fun-filled nights, and good times, make your trip just wonderful and fulfil all you're hoping for.
– Here's hoping that the trip you've planned is one that's filled with happy moments and all the special fun of finding new adventures, meeting new friends on the way and thoroughly enjoying all the things you'll do each day!
– Have fun on your trip. As you set forth on your journey, may it be happy and comfortable through and through, with you reaching your destination and enjoying every minute of it, too – and may you come home with lots of souvenirs, like beautiful memories to treasure in the coming years.
– A warm send-off. Hope good luck follows you everywhere you go, and happiness is with you in everything you do.
– Send-off wishes with warmth and love. Life is like a journey where you are walking along with friends and dear ones. And there comes a crossroad where we must part and go our separate ways. We'll always hold special memories about you, but now you are wished that life smile on you, and that all things work for your betterment. A warm send-off to you.
– Happy journey. Hope the people you meet and the sights you see make your trip as exciting and as great as can be!
– Enjoy your trip. “Life is the greatest adventure, for the world is a wonderful place that reveals at each turn along the road unexpected new beauty and grace.”
– Hope your journey is perfect and wonderful through and through. Have a memorable holiday and enjoy every minute of it, too.
– May your journey be a smooth one on a pleasant sea, and hoping good companions, too, to make each mile a delight for you.

II How to say it correctly
Correct errors, if any, in the following sentences
1. The speaker would have cut a sorry figure if he did not come prepared
2. I would take him to task if he had not apologized for his folly
3. The two friends violently argued with one another
4. Kashmir is the apple of discord among India and Pakistan
5. Love of children are great virtues in him

Suggested answered to last week's questions
1. He hung the picture on the wall
2. Had you gone to hospital, I would certainly have accompanied you
3. He ran so fast that he could escape easily
4. I don't have the right to vote in Yemen
5. I feel quite at home in your company

III Increase Your Word Power
(A) How to express in one word:
1. That which cannot be destroyed
2. That which cannot be altered or recalled
3. That which cannot be dispensed with
4. That which cannot be burnt
5. That which cannot be divided

Suggested answered to last week's questions
1. That which cannot be excused: inexcusable (adj); unpardonable (adj)
2. That which cannot be taken by force of arms: impregnable (adj)
3. That which cannot be admitted or allowed: inadmissible (adj)
4. That which cannot be reached: inaccessible (adj)
5. That which cannot be perceived by senses: imperceptible (adj)

(B) Foreign phrases and expressions
Give the sources of origin and meanings of the following:
1. en rapport 2. en route 3. entente
4. entrepreneur 5. en ville

Suggested answers to last week's questions
1. edition de luxe (Fr.): A splendid and expensive edition of a book
2. elite (Fr.): The best or most important people in a social group
3. en famille (Fr.): Amongst the family, as at home, without cermony
4. en masse (Fr.): In a body, all together
5. en prince (Fr.): In a princely style

(C) Words commonly confused
Bring out difference in meaning of the following pairs of words:
1. story, storey 2. vain, vane, vein
3. scene, seen 4. dear, deer
5. cattle, kettle

Suggested answers to last week's questions
1. pour (Vt) (cause a liquid to flow): She poured tea into my cup.
pore (n) (tiny opening through which fluids may pass): The earthen vessel has many pores.
2. quite (adv.) (completely): I am quite satisfied with your progress.
quiet (adj.) (with little or no movement): The peace and quiet atmosphere of early morning is quite enjoyable.
3. obvious (adj.) (easily seen or understood): It is obvious that he doesn't want to help you
oblivious (adj.) (unaware of): Don't be oblivious of your environment.
4. profit (n.) (advantage or good obtained from something): He gained good profit from his studies abroad.
prophet (n.) Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) is believed to be the last prophet from Allah.
5. dose (n.) (amount of medicine to be taken at one time): I have taken the prescribed dose of the medicine
doze (Vi) (behave asleep): Don't doze in the class

(D) Phrases and Idioms
Illustrate the meanings of the following phrases in sentences:
1. done for 2. a wild goose chase
3. a red letter day 4. kith and kin
5. a hard nut to crack

Suggested answers to last week's questions
1. work on (influence): We tried to tempt him with many rewards, but nothing seems to work on him
2. work up (excite, agitate): I get worked up if any student does cross-talk in my class
3. throw over (abandon or desert): When he became a minister, he threw up his old friends and acquaintances.
4. set apart (reserved): I have set apart a room in my house for guests.
5. run up (increase): I notice that my monthly expenditure is steadily running up.

IV Grammar and Composition
(A) Grammar
Complete the following table where appropriate

Noun verb adj
. hurt
. spoil

Now use the most suitable word from the table, in the correct form, to complete the sentences below
1. The motorist was taken to hospital
2. The man was suffering from severe .
3. The soldiers captured the terrorists without . the hostages
4. Cigarette smoking can your health
5. It's only an injection! The needle won't!
6. You've the surprise by telling him!

Suggested answers to last week's questions
1. Inspite of terrible pains in his legs, Mofed climbed the mountain.
2. You don't need to come to school wearing the school uniform.
3. If I had a nice pair of suits, I would have gone to the party.
4. The floods prevented them from getting home.
5. She is not used to staying at home all day.

(B) Composition: Paragraph Writing
Expand the idea contained in the maxim

Last week's topic
Beauty constitutes the qualities, both physical and mental, that give pleasure to senses and elevate the mind or spirit. Just as we can't judge the value of a book merely by its cover, similarly it is not possible to arrive at a just and precise assessment of one's real self from one's external appearance alone. A beautiful face is no guarantee to a beautiful heart, although it is said “face is the index of mind”. Often people have been misled by the deceptive simplicity, and innocence of an attractive countenance. On the other hand, one is truly beautiful if one's external charm is matched by one's inner beauty, moral strength and spiritual discipline. One's beauty is also reflected in one's deeds. That's why it is said, “Handsome is that handsome does”. Thus, we should not be swayed away by the beauty of appearance, but develop in ourselves a critical awareness about a person's beauty of the soul which is, in fact, the real beauty.

V. Pearls from the Holy Quran
“Those who disobey
Allah and His Messenger
And transgress His limits
Will be admitted
To a fire, to abide therein:
And they shall have
A humiliating punishment.”
S.4:A. 14

VI. Words of wisdom
“There are only two ways of telling the complete truth – anonymously and posthumously.”
)Thomas Sowell