Improve Your English – 260 [Archives:2004/794/Education]

November 29 2004

Dr. Ramakanta Sahu
I. What to Say
Situations and expressions (73):
'Miss you' wishes II

The actual intensity of the dynamic spirit of togetherness is gauged when two loving hearts are separated. Although out of sight, yet each feels the throbbing impulse of healthy togetherness and the lingering fragrance of lasting comradeship.
– Missing you a lot, round the clock and I somehow hope we get to meet each other really soon.
– Missing you ever since you've been away. Everything around seems to have lost its charm and elegance. Thinking of you and all your special ways, of listening, loving and sharing, and wishing with all my heart, that you're back again soon.
– Missing you so much and counting the days till we can be together again.
– Missing you. Since you've left, I've been missing you even more that words can say; the void is being felt more and more, making me feel blue – Nothing seems right when you're not around I'm lonely and incomplete without you I miss you!
– Time is too slow for those who wait. Miss you so much.

II. How to Say it Correctly
Correct errors, if any, in the following sentences
1. Though you have a strong body, but you are a coward.
2. Keep us informed as we are anxious for your welfare.
3. I am writing a letter with green ink.
4. He went to Mahweet in bus.
5. She congratulated me for my success.

Suggested answers to the previous week's questions
1. I am very sorry to learn about the death of your grandfather.
2. I went to see the film because it was very good.
3. Aisha resembles her mother.
4. For hours I discussed the point with him.
5. He recommended me to the Dean.

III. Increase Your Word Power
(A) How to express it in one word
1. A place on the ocean where ships cannot move because there is no wind.
2. To make an animal able to live with man and serve him.
3. Unavoidable destruction or death.
4. A medicine taken to improve the performance of people or animals.
5. Sleeping-room with several or many beds.

Suggested answers to the previous week's questions
1. Something that is very easy to do: doddle (n)
2. The hottest days of the year: dog-days (n)
3. Having the corners of the pages bent-down with use: dog-eared (adj)
4. Having, showing, or marked by cruel, merciless self interest: dog-eat-dog (adj)
5. A fight between armed air craft: dogfight (n)

(B) Synonyms and antonyms
i. Synonyms
Given below are some words followed by four answers. Mark the answer which is nearest to the meaning of the given word.
1. appease
a. anger b. to assist
c. to pacify d. to surrender
2. expunge
a. to blot out b. to borrow from
c. to squeeze dry d. to forgive
3. culminate
a. to slander b. to reach a final effect
c. to overwhelm d. to heap together

Suggested answers to the previous week's questions
Word Synonym
1. perpetrate to perform
2. impetuous hasty
3. inquisition thorough investigation

ii. Antonyms
Given below are some words followed by four answers. Tick the answer which gives the opposite meaning of the word
1. recoup
a. to worsen b. to strengthen
c. to trap d. to recover
2. slacken
a. to activate b. to quench
c. to delight d. to muse
3. skepticism
a. doubt b. assent
c. confess d. gullibility

Suggested answers to the previous week's questions
Word Antonym
1. ascetic worldly
2. repugnant agreeable
3. stigma known

(C ) Words commonly confused
Bring out differences in meaning of the following pairs of words
1. accessory, accessary
2. infer, imply
3. food, diet
4. histrionic, historic
5. distinction, distinctness

Suggested answers to the previous week's questions
1. piteous (adj) ('feeling pity”, arousing pity”): She heard the piteous cries of the woman.
pitiful (adj) (shameful; causing low opinion or pity; arousing contempt): The poor old man was a pitiful sight.
pitiable (adj) (deserving only contemptuous pity): Her condition was really pitiable.
Note: Each of these words can express one of these meanings.
2. emigrant (n) (a person who leaves one's own country in order to go and live in another country): He is an emigrant from the country that he lives, and the practice is called 'emigration'). A ship full of emigrants left the coast for America.
immigrant (n) (from the point of view of the country an emigrant enters, the same person is an immigrant): A large population of Latin American countries were not aborigins but immigrants.
3. difference (n) (the state of being unlike): There is a wide difference in the tastes and attitudes of the husband and the wife.
deference (n) (the act of showing regard for another's wishes, opinion, etc.): Students should show due deference to their teachers.
4. desirable (adj) (worth having): My presence is not desirable here.
desirous (adj) (feeling or having a desire): The desirous candidates may attend a walk-in interview.
5. frantic (adj) (wildly excited with joy, pain or anxiety): The drowning man sent frantic cries for help.
frenetic (adj) (showing over-excited behavior): He is a man of frenetic views on religion.

( D ) Idioms and phrases
Use the following idioms in illustrative sentences
1. pave the way for
2. sweat it out
3. seal the fate of (someone/ something)
4. in the teeth of
5. have time on one's hands

Suggested answers to the previous week's questions
1. in full swing (going ahead busily or vigorously): After a new session begins, classes are held in full swing.
2. not have the ghost of a chance (not to have any chance of success): I don't have the ghost of a chance to win.
3. as white as a sheet (very pale in the face because of fear or illness): The criminal looked as white as a sheet when he was apprehended by the police.
4. curry favor with (some one) (to try to gain someone's favor): He is trying to curry favor with the Governor.
5. in the pipeline (in preparation, but not yet ready): A new educational plan is in the pipeline.

(A) Grammar
Complete this story with the correct form of the verb in brackets
It was 6.30. We (arrive) ))) at the station at 6.15 and my two sons and I (wait) ))) for an announcement (say) )))- that our train (depart) )))- on schedule at 7.00 The children (look) ))) at the books in the news agent's, try ))) to choose something to occupy them on the long journey. Suddenly the loud speaker (begin) ))) to make cracking noises and a barely comprehensive voice (announce) ))) that because of engineering works on the line, the train (delay) ))) for at least half an hour.
We decide ))) to have a snack in the station buffet. We (just arrive) )))at the door, (struggle) ))) across the crowded station with all our luggage, when someone quickly (stick) ))) a notice on the inside (say) ))) CLOSED. We (know) ))- we (be) ))) in for a long, boring wait.

Suggested answers to the previous week's questions
1. The post of Sales Manager was advertised last week in the national newspapers.
2. So far we have had more than fifty applications for the job.
3. We are offering a salary of $1000 for the job.
4. We would prefer to appoint some one with a few years experience in the field.
5. High academic qualifications are not so necessary for a job like this.
6. In this company all employees are treated in the same way.
7. We believe that good working relations between management and staff are essential.
8. We have chosen ten candidates to be interviewed next week.
9. All staff are entitled to an annual share in the profits of the company.
10. The successful candidate will be expected to take up his/her appointment/assignment from next month.

(B) Composition
Expand the central idea contained in the maxim

Suggested answers to the previous week's questions

No pAins, no gains
Sincere and creative efforts pave the way for achievement in any field. All monumental works in the field of art, literature, architecture as well as all discoveries in the arena of since and technology speak volumes about man's persistent endeavor to achieve them. On the other hand, the idle and the shirkers are losers. Therefore, one should be inspired by the vision and the spirit of attainment and ignore the hardship that one may face in the process. We should learn from lives of great men to make our own life sublime by transforming disadvantages to advantages by a healthy positive attitude. An unsuccessful man says, “it is possible, but difficult”. But a successful man says, “it is difficult, but possible.” Thus it is the attitude that makes all the difference. It is, therefore, a rule of thumb not to be overawed by the problems involved in an enterprise but muster physical and mental vigor and vitality to surmount them and achieve the goal.

IV. Pearls from the Holy Quran
To those who believe and
do deeds of righteousness
Hath Allah promised
forgiveness and a great reward.
S5. A9

V. Food for Thoughts
“Everyone has inside of him a piece of good news. The good news is that you don't know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is!”
)Anne Frank