Improve Your English – 271 [Archives:2005/840/Education]

May 9 2005

Dr. Ramakanta Sahu
I. What to Say

Situations and expressions (76):

Job advertisement (VIII)

Advertisers try hard to make each advertisement unique. All advertisements more or less conform to a finite set of appeals such as sex appeals, aesthetic appeal, logical appeal, myths of happy appeal. An advertisement is interpreted by pressing into action all the appeals of persuasion.

– ))'s future: your challenge?

– Reach for the sky. There are some people who share a passion for life. People, who are willing to challenge established boundaries, people who dare to dream )) who wish to reach for the sky in one giant leap. If you share any of these qualities, then you're just the one we're looking for.

– Are you check-mating your own career?

– We're looking for the right catalysts for growth.

– Position: Sales Engineer. A tool kit for leveraging career growth.

– Looking for spearheads who can give us the edge.

– We continue to grow We are the innovators We deliver the best. Come join the team Come, feel the difference.

– What others call profession, we call passion.

– And that's how along with careers, we build long term relationships. If )) is a passion, not a job with you, here's an e-mail address to write to

– Sometimes a breath of cool, crisp air can do wonders to your CAREER. Here's your opportunity. (Air conditioning ad)

– Life can be as big as you dream it to be. Looking for a dream job – something that provides both stability and growth. It endeavors to provide a career and not just a job. It's looking for enthusiastic and customer-oriented individuals.

– See beyond the horizon, a great day is waiting for you.

– Transform with trust.

– We have added immense value to our client portfolios We'll do the same to your career.

– ))! Live your dream!

– We are looking for people who can make a big difference in a short time. Essentially they need to be professionals with a 'change-agent' profile, sound technical knowledge, rich quality-experience, passion for success, positive attitude, robust competitiveness, strategic thinking, large appetite for excellence, while ensuring active and synergized team-play.

– We offer attractive remuneration with rare perquisites like empowerment, freedom of operation, healthy and motivating work atmosphere and quick growth opportunities to support your career ambitions.

– We are looking for hungry people because we're launching the most innovative and enticing range of snack food. Because we are hungry for more. And you?

– Inviting you to join our journey for excellence.

– Step out from the shadow into the lime light.

– What's your life's ambition? Bank balance. Proud, smiling family. Gleaming set of four wheels. Home that's your own. Global workspace. Close your eyes and see your ambition. You know you can realize them. You're confident. All you need is to take on the future. Come to )). Realize them.

II. How to Say it Correctly

Correct errors, if any, in the following sentences

1. Ann knows a lot of vocabularies.

2. There is many kind of trees in the world.

3. I am studying the English.

4. I'm living in United State.

5. I need some advices.

6. Even though I was sick, but I went to work.

Suggested answers to the previous week's questions

1. There are a lot of information in that book.

2. Oil is a natural resource.

3. Lions are wild animals.

4. I was late because there was a lot of traffic.

5. I drank two glasses of water.

6. Our teacher gives us too much homework.

III. Increase Your Word Power

(A) How to express it in one word

1. Showing the belief that all men are equal.

2. The self in relation to the outside world.

3. All the people in the country who have the right to vote.

4. To excite and surprise greatly.

5. A type of poem to show sorrow for the dead.

Suggested answers to the previous week's questions

1. To improve the character of mind: edify (vt)

2. To prepare from collected material a cinema film, radio performance or recording: edit (vt)

3. Medicine and medical treatment producing the desired effect efficacious (adj)

4. The period or action of the forming and developing of flowers on a plant: efflorescence (n)

5. Strong stream of bright light, as from the sun: effulgence (n)

(B) Words commonly confused

Bring out the difference in meaning of the following pairs of words

1. ecliptic, elliptic, eclectic

2. inquest, inquiry

3. every, each

4. end, finish

5. brigand, brigade

Suggested answers to the previous week's questions

1. eerie (adj) (causing fear because strange): For the young boy it was eerie to walk alone through the forest at night.

airy (adj) (having plenty of fresh air): I have rented a nice ,airy room.

2. affluent (adj) (wealthy): She has been brought up in affluent conditions.

effluent (n) (a type of liquid waste that flows out from a factory): Toxic effluent being poured into the river harms marine life.

3. adduce (vt) (put forward as proof): I can't adduce any reasons for his strange behavior.

educe (vt) (develop): They educed a well-thought out plan of action to achieve their objective.

4. evolve (vt) (unfold, develop gradually): Scientists are trying to evolve a new method to tackle the global energy crisis.

involve (vt) (to cause some one to become connected or concerned): Don't involve yourself in criminal activities.

5. affective (adj) (concerned with attitude and motivation): Affective factors play an important role in learning.

effective (adj) (able to bring about a result): The government is taking effective measures to check corruption.

6. affect (vt) (pretend): He affects learning.

effect (n) (result, outcome): We suffer from effects of pollution.

infect (vt) (fill with disease germs): The village is infected with cholera.

(C ) Phrases and idioms

Use the following phrases in sentences

1. nothing to it

2. just around the corner

3. turn over a new leaf

4. put all one's eggs in one basket

5. be upto no good

Suggested answers to the previous week's questions

1. make a packet (to make a great deal of money): He made a packet when he won a lottery.

2. a tall order (something that is very difficult to do): He wanted to complete the difficult task in one day, but he knew it was a tall order.

3. hang fire (to delay or to be delayed): The plan to build a bridge is hanging fire for want of funds.

4. rub (someone) up the wrong way (to annoy someone): He rubbed his boss up the wrong way when he arrogantly argued with him (the boss).

5. put the wind up (some one) (to cause someone to be concerned or anxious): The news about the missing child put the wind up the family.

IV. Grammar and Composition

(A) Grammar

Complete the sentences with the words in brackets.

Use the passive form, simple present or simple past. Include prepositions where necessary.

1. When we got to the post office, It )) . (close)

2. My ring )) gold. (make)

3. Your name is Ramzy al-Hamzy. ) you )) Ali Hamzi? (relate)

4. This fruit )). I think I'd better throw it out. (spoil)

5. Tom )). He's making a fool of himself. (drink)

6. Ahmed loves his job. He ))- his work. (interest)

7. What's the matter, little boy? ) you )? (lose)

Suggested answers to the previous week's questions

1. The doctor said to me, 'You should lose weight.'

2. The doctor advised me to lose weight

3. The doctor advised (me) that I should lose weight.

4. The doctor suggested my losing weight.

5. The doctor recommended loss of weight to me.

6. The doctor recommended that I lose weight.

7. The doctor suggested that it is good for me to lose weight.

(B) Composition

Expand the idea contained in the maxim

95. Perseverance is the

hinge of all virtues

The previous week's topic

94. The crown and glory

of life is character

There is a saying: “If wealth is lost, nothing is lost; if health is lost, something is lost; but if character is lost, everything is lost.” Obviously, character supercedes all other assets such as health or wealth.There can be no second opinion about the fact that a man's most unenviable possession is a sterling moral conduct and a spotless,glittering character which gives him a distinctive stamp of merit, a high pedestal of honor, a lasting halo, and an elevated position in the society. If one's character is lost or polluted, it is well nigh impossible to reverse it or retrieve one's lost glory. Power and position, name and fame, accomplishments and achievements – all pale into insignificance consequent upon a stain in one's character. So, in the ultimate analysis, the real wealth and the true glory of life is nothing but one's strength of character.

V. Pearls from the Holy Quran

“To him belongeth all that dwelleth (or lurketh) in the night and the day. For He is the One who hearth and knoweth all things.

S6: A13

VI. Food for Thought

“It's never too late to be what

you might have been.”

)George Eliot