Improve Your English – 279 [Archives:2005/882/Education]

October 3 2005

Dr. Ramakanta Sahu
I. What to Say

Situations and expressions: (82)

'Love you' wishes

Love is that celestial emotion that enkindles a divine glow in everyone's heart. It sustains, nourishes and ennobles two hearts locked in the elemental passion and, thereby, ushers in the veritable paradise on the earth.

– It's so heavenly to love.

You're every where, and it leaves me wondering, how?

And there's no answer to this than that…

I'm madly in love with you.

– Love's so true…

A love so strong, to rely upon…

A love as sacred as the faith we have for each other.

– Dear!I have found such beautiful treasure in your presence – you've given the true essence to this very word, that holds such beautiful meanings for me, one because of you.

II. How to Say it Correctly

Correct errors, if any, in the following sentences

1. I was meeting a lot of interesting people while I was working in Mahweet.

2. How long are you wearing glasses?

3. You'd better to leave now if you want to catch the last bus.

4. I'm sure you will already hear the President's announcement.

5. We would have a cat, but one day it just disappeared.

Suggested answers to the previous week's questions

1. Although I like chocolate, yet I can't eat it because I'm allergic to it.

2. I like to eat raw eggs for breakfast and so does everybody else in my family.

3. A hardware store sells tools, nails, plumbing supplies, and paint, etc.

4. My mother asked me when I was coming home.

5. Do you know where the nearest gas station is?

III. Increase Your Word Power

(A) How to express it in one word

1. To put or keep in as if in a holy place.

2. To make an event or action necessary.

3. To cause something to become twisted or mixed.

4. To hold as if magic the complete attention and interest of someone.

5. A plan to do something daring or difficult.

Suggested answers to the previous week's questions

1. A person, thing or event that is mysterious and very hard to understand: enigma (n)

2. To make people or events more active, spirited, or cheerful: enliven (vt)

3. To fill someone with great joy or delight: enrapture (vt)

4. A set of things that combine with each other to make a whole: ensemble (n)

5. A friendly relationship between two or more countries: entente (n)

(B) Words commonly confused

Bring out the difference in meaning of the following pairs of words

1. healthful, healthy

2. heaven, heavens, haven

3. eruption, irruption

4. covert, overt

5. collision, collusion

Suggested answers to the previous week's questions

1. addicted (vt, pp) (given up to a habit. It is used in a bad sense): He is addicted to alcoholic drinks.

devoted (vt) (it is used when the sense of reproach is not there): My friend is devoted to his work.

2. adhesion (n) (being or becoming attached. It applies to material things): The adhesion of the photograph to the frame is very fast.

adherence (n) (remain faithful to): He has a sincere adherence to his principles and ideologies.

3. afflict (vt) (cause bodily or mental suffering to): I am afflicted with cardiac complications.

inflict (vt) (give a blow): His father's death inflicted a severe blow upon the whole family.

4. ago/since/before: they are all used for a point of time, not a period of time.

ago (adv) (used to indicate time measured back to a point in the past; always placed after the word or words it modifies, used with the simple past tense. Ago follows a noun or adj): I returned from home 3 days ago.

before (adv, prep., or conj.) (earlier than): The Annual day celebrations were held day before yesterday (prep)

since (adv., prep., or conj.) Before the present time): I came back from Mahweet last week but have not been there since.

(C) Synonyms and antonyms

i) Synonyms

Choose the word that is closest in meaning to the one given at the top.

1. nexus

a. deficit b. difference

c. connection d. distance

2. nimble

a. fluid b. soft

c. clean d. agile

3. nonchalance

a. coolness b. detachment

c. inattention d. carelessness

4. nihilism

a. belief that nothing has meaning

b. doctrine of the destruction of the weak

c. belief in magic

d. belief that the universe had no beginning

5. predilection

a. favor b. pleasant feeling

c. prejudice d. special liking

Suggested answers to the previous week's questions

Word synonym

1. kindred connected

2. vindicate justify

3. amphibian living both on land and in water

4. confiscate seize

5. impound confiscate

ii) Antonyms

Choose the word that is most opposite in meaning to the one given at the top

1. schism

a. harmony b. accord

c. rhythm d. union

2. emaciate

a. grow b. fatten

c. develop d. expand

3. ameliorate

a. decay b. decline

c. worsen d. die

4. enigmatic

a. clear b. easy

c. simple d. honest

5. plethora

a. shortage b. weakness

c. sickness d. smallness

Suggested answers to the previous week's questions

Word antonym

1. extant destroyed

2. ephemeral permanent

3. dwindle grow

4. politic tactless

5. vilify comment

(D) Spelling

Choose the correctly spelt word

1. a. pursuasive b. persuasive

c. persuesive d. persuasiv

2. a. ignominus b. ignominous

c. ignominious d. ignomanius

3. a. irrimidiable b. irremedible

c. irremediable d. iremediable

4. a. segacius b. sagacious

c. sagecius d. segecious

5. a. moskitoes b. moskwitoes

c. mosquitoes d. mosquitose

Suggested answers to the previous week's questions

1. rheumatic 2. zodiac 3. recurrent

4. preferential 5. spontaneity

(E) Phrases and idioms

Use the following phrases in sentences

1. spread one's wings

2. foot the bill

3. be in two minds about something

4. fit the bill

5. be all mouth and trousers

Suggested answers to the previous week's questions

1. be rolling in money (to have a great deal of money): Although he is rolling in money, he doesn't help anyone in difficulty.

2. stretch one's legs (to go for a walk): After a hectic day's hard labor, we need to stretch our legs and relax.

3. lose one's voice (to be unable to speak because of a throat problem): The singer could not perform well as he lost his voice due to cough and cold.

4. money is no object (money is not important): As far as health is concerned, money is no object.

5. eat like a bird (to eat very little): She is dieting and therefore is eating like a bird.

IV. Grammar

(A) Grammar

Choose from the four alternatives the words which best complete the sentence

1. To be , I think you did not do the right thing.

a. clever b. free c. frank d. straight

2. Her hopes of settling in America were when she lost her husband

a. dashed b. defeated

c. frustrated d. beaten

3. Unhygienic surroundings health problems.

a. give rise to b. bring into being

c. call for d. set in

4. A visit to this scenic spot is the only thing for which I have ever

a. set out b. concluded

c. intended d. craved

5. According to the rules anyone who had held office for two consecutive years was not for reelection.

a. admissible b. permissible

c. eligible d. accessible

Suggested answers to the previous week's questions

1. If you mix the colors yellow and green, you get brown: This sentence tells us that something is always true.

2. If I can afford it, we'll go and have a pizza. This sentence tells us that something might happen.

3. If I were taller, I would join the police force. This sentence is highly improbable.

V. Pearls from the Holy Quran

Say: “Allah's guidance is the

(only) guidance, and we have

been directed to submit ourselves

to the Lord of the worlds.”

S6: A7

VI. Food for Thought

“The best proof of love is trust.”

)Joyce Brothers