Improve Your English – 280 [Archives:2005/886/Education]

October 17 2005

Dr. Ramakanta Sahu
I. What to Say

Situations and expressions: (82)

'Love you' wishes (II)

Love is a basic human instinct. It needs no provocation to set it in motion. It's spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings, flowing from heart to heart. It elevates, enlivens, enriches and sustains two hearts that are locked in the bond of love.

– Dear! I've found such beautiful treasure in your presence – you've given the true essence to this very word, that holds such a beautiful meaning for me, one because of you.

– It's your love, sweetheart, that makes my heart beat faster. It's because of you that I can see a new horizon and can dream of beautiful tomorrows. Thanks for everything.

– Love is all about caring and sharing many smiles and joys in each other's company. Love is taking pleasure in all its glory. Love is making many beautiful MEMORIES, that give a new meaning to life altogether.

– Love is SOUND of your voice and the touch of your HAND, the WAY that you show me that you understand… Love is LIGHT of your SMILE, that brightens my days. Love is YOU and ME… and that's how I know, what love is all about.

II) How to Say it Correctly

Correct errors, if any, in the following sentences

1. If the strike goes on much longer, there can be strict action by the government very soon.

2. May it rain this afternoon?

3. Her parents can have influenced her decision to resign.

4. I was in my office all day. You may have come to see me at any time.

5. The new bridge had been opened six months ago.

Suggested answers to the previous week's questions

1. I met a lot of interesting people while I was working in Mahweet.

2. How long have you been wearing ( or .have you worn) glasses? ( She is still wearing them) .

3. You'd better leave now if you want to catch the last bus.

4. I'm sure you will already have heard the President's announcement .

5. We used to have a cat, but one day it just disappeared.

III) Increase Your Word Power

A) How to express it in one word:

1. To persuade someone to do something by offering something pleasant.

2. All the people who surround and follow an important person.

3. A person who makes the plans for a business.

4. Having a very short life.

5. The place on the earth's surface where an earthquake begins.

Suggested answer to the previous week's questions:

1. To put or keep in as if in a holy place: enshrine (vt.)

2. To make an event or action necessary: entail (vt.)

3. To cause something to become twisted or mixed: entangle (vt.)

4. To hold as if magic the complete attention and interest of some one : enthral (vt.)

5. A plan to do something daring or difficult: enterprise (n.)

B) Words commonly confused

Bring out the difference in meaning of the following pairs of words:

1. enviable, envious

2. entomology, etymology

3. each other, one another

4. due to, owing to

5. gamble, gambol

Suggested answers to the previous week's questions

1. healthful (adj.) (health – giving or producing health): One gets plenty of healthful air, rich in oxygen, at the sea side.

healthy ( adj.) ( usually in good health): A healthy body yields a healthy mind.

2. heaven (n.) ( the place of God and the saints ; place, state, of supreme happiness): The bliss of heaven reigns in a peaceful house.

haven ( n.) ( a place of safety or rest): Mahweet is a haven of peace.

3. eruption (n.) (outbreak of a war, a disease, or a volcano) . There was a severe volcanic eruption.

irruption (n.) (sudden bursting in): Consequent upon the outbreak of a civil war, there was a sudden irruption of civilians into neighboring countries.

4. covert (adj.) (secret or concealed): The policeman gave a covert threat to the conflicting groups .

overt(adj.) (open) His overt defiance of the boss came as a shock to many.

5. collision (n.) ( dashing together or violent clash): Heavy casualties are reported in the today's train accident.

Collusion (n.) ( a secret, fraudulent agreement): A corrupt policeman in collusion with criminals committed the crime .

C) Synonyms and Antonyms

1. Synonyms

Choose the word that is closest in meaning to the one given at the top.

1. ballad

a. a kind of dance b. a love song

c. an English game d. a simple narrative poem

2. impervious

a. not easily influenced b. without sympathy

c. angry d. reckless

3. occult

a. relating to eyes b. unnatural

c. supernatural d. strong

4. gravy

a. sauce b. serious

c. dead d. bone meal

5. grapevine

a. wine from grapes b. grave juice

c. rumour d. alcohol

Suggested answers to the previous week's questions

Word synonym

1. nexus connection

2. nimble agile

3. non-chalance coolness

4. nihilism belief in magic

5. predilection special liking

2. Antonyms

Choose the word that is most opposite in meaning to the one given at the top

1. divest

a- wear. b- put on

c- clothe d- dress

2. adamant

a. satisfied. b. comfortable

c. yielding d. luxurious

3. beget

a. forget b. fade

c. harm d. abort

4. considerate

a. thoughtless b. insolent

c. vacant d. inadequate

5. obscure

a. reflect b. consider

c. digress d. expound

Suggested answers to the previous week's questions

Word antonym

1. schism union

2. emaciate fatten

3. ameliorate worsen

4. enigmatic clear

5. plethora shortage

D) Spelling

Choose the correctly spelt word

1. a. preemptive b. priemptive

c. preemptiv d. premtive

2. a. masquerade b. masquarade

c. masquerede d. masquearade

3. a. murcurial b. merkyrial

c. mercurial d. mercuriel

4. a. sillhouete b. silhouette

c. sillhouette d. silhouate

5. a. decongestant b. decongestent

c. decongesant d. decungestant

Suggested answers to the previous week's questions

1. persuasive 2. ignominious

3. irremediable 4. sagacious

5. mosquitoes

E) Phrases and idioms:

Use the following phrases in sentences

1. bite off more than one can chew.

2. like gold dust.

3. have one's heart in one's mouth.

4. point ( someone) in the right direction.

5. patch up differences.

Suggested answers to the previous week's questions

1. spread one's wings (to do things that are more ambitious or adventurous than one has been doing before): After being well-established in business in his country, he now plans to spread his wings and set up units abroad.

2. foot the bill (to pay for something): He had to sell his paternal property to foot the bill for his son's medical treatment.

3. be in two minds about (something) (to be unable to come to a decision about something): He is in two minds about accepting the offer of the new job.

4. fit the bill (to be what is needed to be suitable): He was looking for a suitable job according to his qualification, and luckily the new job will fit the bill.

5. be all mouth and trousers (to tend to talk a great deal but do very little): Father threatens me of severe punishment, but I know he is all mouth and trousers.

IV) Grammar

Match the words on the left with words of a similar meaning on the right

range extraordinary

tasks highly-developed

expert mend

unusual answer

repair a little

slightly identify

sophisticated assortment

equivalent corresponding

recognize jobs

respond specialist

Suggested answers to the previous week's questions

1. to be frank, I think you didn't do the right thing.

2. Her hopes of settling in America were dashed when she lost her job.

3. Unhygienic surroundings give rise to health problems.

4. A visit to this scenic spot is the only thing for which I have ever craved.

5. According to the rules anyone who had held office for two consecutive years was not eligible for reelection.

V) Food for thought

” A good laugh is sunshine in a house.”

)W.M. Thackeray