Improve Your English: 291 [Archives:2006/942/Education]

May 1 2006

Dr. Ramakanta Sahu
I. What to Say

Situations and Expressions (89)

Social Ads

Social ads are a catalyst in the social development process. They are a part of social marketing.

– The bitter pill, that's your power bill

– To win doesn't mean somebody else has to lose

– Literacy: A mission towards securing futures.

Lets secure a future in each hand.

– Each one, teach one

II.How to Say it Correctly

Correct errors, if any, in the following sentences

1. Your mother tells me you were still hoping to become a teacher.

2. The student confessed that he hasn't done his homework.

3. Fatima said about her holiday to the rest of the class.

4. The doctor advised to cut down on fatty foods.

5. I asked to my brother if I could borrow his bike.

Suggested answers to the previous lesson's questions

1. I'd like this parcel sent to India, please. Or I'd like to send this parcel to India, please. How much will it cost?

2. I asked him the way.

3. She said goodbye to me.

4. 'Why isn't Ali coming to eat with us?' 'He said he wasn't very hungry.' (Reporting: 'I'm not very hungry.')

5. I suggested to Moin that he should be more careful about his health.

III. Increase Your Word Power

(A) How to express it in one word

1. Collection of things shown publicly.

2. Fill with high spirits.

3. Advise earnestly.

4. Take out a dead body from the earth for examination.

5. Condition of great need.

Suggested answers to the previous lesson's questions

1. Cry out suddenly and loudly from pain: exclaim (vi)

2. Of a shop of the sort not found elsewhere: exclusive (adj)

3. Person who carries out what has been planned or decided: executive (adj)

4. Serving as an example or warning: exemplary (adj)

5. Illustrate by example: exemplify (vt)

(B) Words often confused

Bring out the difference in meaning of the following pairs of words

1. wooden, woody

2. straight, strait straits

3. consequent, subsequent

4. repeal, repel

5. ingenious, ingenuous

Suggested answers to the previous lesson's questions

1. holly (n) (evergreen shrub): There are holly shrubs in the forest.

holy (adj) (associated with God or religion): I read the Holy Quran everyday.

2. exercise (n) (practice of mental or physical powers): You must ensure good exercise of your mental faculties.

exorcise (vt) (drive out an evil spirit from a person or place by prayers or magic): The holy man exorcised the evil spirit by virtue of magic.

3. credible (adj) (that can be believed): Your account is anything but credible.

creditable (adj) (that brings credit): The team was felicitated for its creditable performance in the tournament.

4. anxious (adj) (implies a sense of worry or suspense): The whole family is anxious about the son's health.

eager (adj) (implies a sense of joyful expectation): My family waits for me with eager anticipation.

5. immunity (n) (freedom from infection of disease): Natural immunity in the human body helps prevent disease.

impunity (n) (freedom or safety from punishment): Often politicians carry on illegal acts with impunity.

(C ) Synonyms and Antonyms

(i) Synonyms

Choose the word that is closest in meaning to the one given at the top

1. abstinence

a. self denial b. lack of control

c. failure to be present d. indifference

2. contour

a. route b. appearance

c. outline d. frame

3. labyrinth

a. bewildering maze b. tunnel

c. temple d. tomb

4. annulment

a. ignorance b. boredom

c. abolition d. numbness

5. pontificate

a. to speak authoritatively

b. to raise to higher office

c. to act clumsily d. to constitute

Suggested answers to the previous lesson's questions

Word Synonym

1. parochial limited

2. primeval primitive

3. abeyance suspension

4. concomitant that which accompanies or attends

6. impends driving energy

(ii) Antonyms

Choose the word that is most opposite in meaning to the one given at the top

1. insipid

a. separate b. inhale

c. interesting d. initial

2. abridge

a. summarize b. dilate

c. over-bridge d. curb

3. predilection

a. proposal b. previous

c. aversion d. boisterous

4. nebulous

a. stars b. curved

c. homesickness d. crystal clear

5. reminisce

a. remind b. retrace

c. forget d. curtail

Suggested answers to the previous lesson's questions

Word Antonym

1. mellifluous hoarse

2. pejorative meliorate

3. debilitate strengthen

4. sparse dense

5. juvenile senile

(D) Spelling

Choose the correctly spelt word

1. a. exercise b. exorsize

c. exarcize d. exarsize

2. a. enthosiasm b. enthusiasm

c. enthuseesm d. enthusiazm

3. a. inergy b. energy

c. enerzy d. enerzi

4. a. exillance b. exellence

c. excellence d. excellencce

5. a. embarasment b. embarassment

c. embarrassment d. embbarasment

Suggested answers to the previous lesson's questions

1. delivery 2. defiance 3. dialogue

4. danseuse 5. enmity

(E) Phrases and Idioms

Use the following phrases in sentences

1. go to the wall

2. pop the question

3. make waves

4. scare/frighten (someone) out of (his/her) wits

5. be itching to (do something)

Suggested answers to the previous lesson's questions

1. more power to (someone's) elbow (good luck to someone): Dr. Mahmoud is leaving Hodeidah and is going to work in Sana'a. More power to his elbow!

2. make hay while the sun shines (to make the most of an opportunity): You shouldn't let go this opportunity. You should make hay while the sun shines.

3. look as though butter wouldn't melt in one's mouth (to appear very innocent): He is a real ruffian although he looks as though butter wouldn't melt in his mouth.

4. have a down on (someone) (to be very hostile or opposed to someone): It's a mystery to me why he has a down on me.

5. ready to drop (very tired, exhausted): After the tiresome journey from Aden to Sana'a I was ready to drop.

IV. Grammar and Composition

A. Grammar

Read the following sentences then complete the replies using one of the phrasal verbs below

come off, come across, come up against, come round, come out

1. A: Where on earth did you find that beautiful, old table?

B: I it in an antique shop.

2. A: I thought you were going to work abroad for a year.

B: I was – but it ….

3. A: I hear there were a few difficulties settling that big sales contract.

B: That's right!We…. a lot of problems.

4. A:Weren't you planning to move house?

B:Yes, but it ….., so we decided to stay where we were.

5. A: When did the injured man regain consciousness?

B:He ….. just as we reached the hospital.

6. A: So the party was a success?

B: Yes, it …. all right in the end.

7. A: I gather the holiday wasn't as relaxing as you had hoped!

B: No, I'm afraid we … a lot of unexpected problems.

8. A: After all that worry, I'm glad you found your wallet.

B:Luckily everything …. all right eventually.

9. A:I hear the patient died in hospital.

B:Sadly, she never ….. after the accident.

10. A:Are you still looking for a copy of that old book?

B:Yes. If you …. one, buy it and I'll pay you for it.

Suggested answers to the previous week's questions

Categorization of job

1. Forestry:Tree preservationists, tree surgeons

2. Fisheries: Fishermen

3. Agriculture: Agricultural engineers

4. Education and Librarianship: Teachers, Librarians, technical teachers

5. Health: Health educators; Doctors

6. Business and Commerce:Business entrepreneurs, Accountant

7. Community and Social Development:Community workers; town planners; social workers

8. Technical Trades, crafts and engineering:Computer programmers; carpenters; petrol mechanics; boat builders; Computer Analysts; Building instructors.

(B) Composition

Expand the central idea contained in the maxim



Suggested answers to previous lesson's question



Those people who have achieved excellence in some field of human activity and have immortalized themselves were great thinkers and innovators. Their greatness lies in their dynamic creativity to improve the lot of humanity. They lived and died for the welfare of the human race and progress of the civilization. Thus they have left behind them indelible footmarks on sands of time. Their lives are precious models for us to emulate. We should endeavor to reflect in our lives the ideas and ideologies they stood for. By closely following this role models, we too can try and mould our lives. We need to remember that the worth of a life is not reckoned by the number of years one leaves, but by the quality of life, by the number of eyes one wiped tears from and the number of lips one put smiles on. One can learn the ideals of putting service above one's self from the lives of great men who made relentless efforts, encountered umpteen hardships, yet were undaunted in their avowed path. They sacrificed personal comforts to uplift the down-trodden. Thus, they lit a candle amid the encircling gloom rather than cursed darkness. We too can do something similar, something for which the posterity would hold us in grateful esteem.

V. Pearls from the Holy Quran

“Follow what thou art taught

By inspiration from thy Lord:

There is no god but He:

And turn aside from those

Who join gods with Allah.”S6:A106

VI. Food for Thought

“Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.”

)Paul Boese