Improve Your English: A welcome step in the right direction [Archives:2003/692/Education]

December 8 2003

Dr. Ahmed Mutahhar Akabat,
Faculty of Mass Communication
Sana'a University

To improve the competence of English, especially of our countless university students is one of the top national priorities, especially in the present age of globalization. In view of this, the lessons serialized under the caption “Improve Your English” are of utmost importance not only for the university students, but of immense value for the general readers as well, who are interested to improve their command of English, the medium of global communication and the language of opportunities.
I take this opportunity to present my sincere compliments to Yemen Times for realizing this felt need of our students and the general readers. I would also like to thank Dr. Ramakanta Sahu for doing a commendable job. While I wish its continuity, I would like to conclude by suggesting to you to try and elicit the needs of the readers of this page through a questionnaire to make the endeavor still more focussed and beneficial for the targeted readership.