In 13th Asian Tournament: Our Volleyball Team Defeats Maldives & Mongolia [Archives:1998/50/Sports]

December 14 1998

During the 13th Asian Tournament in Thailand, our team achieved good results despite of the short training period the players had undergone. Until now, the Yemeni team played 4 matches. They won two matches and lost in the other two. In both matches against Maldives and Mongolia, our team won 3/0. It was defeated with a similar result (3/0) by Iran and Japan. 
This result made our team take the 9th place with Qatar’s team. It will continue the competition with other 17 teams participating in the tournament. Our track and field athletes are going to participate for the first time in the tournament. 
In wrestling, Abdullah Al-Azani and Mohsin Al-Sho’aibi continue competing the tournament. On the other hand, our taekwondo team have lost and pulled out of the competition. 
Fouad Al-Kmoaim, Ismael Abdulghani, Abdulkadir Al-Soufi, Mowafaq Monasar, and Mohammed Shaiban attended the meetings of the Asian Associations for track and field games, wrestling, taekwondo and volleyball.