In a Press Release by Turkish Embassy in Sanaa: Turkey Condemns the Israeli Aggressions [Archives:2001/33/Local News]

August 13 2001

A press release by the Turkish Foreign Ministry condemned the Israel helicopter attack on a building in Nablus City, which caused the death of eight people including two children. It further added that such attacks are behind the growing anger of Palestinians and the continuity of the violence cycle in the Middle East.
On the other hand, the Turkish authorities last week took strict security measures to ensure a smooth visit to Turkey by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Earlier in the week, a total of 15 people, including 10 women, were taken into custody by police in Beyoglu district in Istanbul, as they attempted to stage a protest demonstration against Israel prior to Sharon’s visit, reported the Anatolia News Agency. Similarly Turkish organizations and intellectuals protested against Sharon’s visit to Turkey.
The continued clashes in the Palestinian occupied territories were triggered by a provocative visit by Ariel Sharon to an Islamic holy shrine in East Jerusalem last September. Although Turkey is bound by military cooperation agreements with Israel, Ankara is critical of Israeli aggressions against the Palestinian intifadah (uprising).