In a statement released last week:FPACH denounces destruction of Iraqi heritage [Archives:2003/632/Culture]

April 21 2003

Mohammed Al-Masani
The Foundation for the Protection of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage (FPACH) in Yemen has recently released a statement expressing grave concern for the destruction of Iraqi heritage by looting and burning ancient sites and libraries.
“[FPACH] is following up very anxiously the consequent situation of looting and robbery in Iraq particularly the ancient treasures and antiquities as well as the fine treasures in Baghdad National Museum which is considered one of the most spectacular museums of the world.” the foundation said.
FPACH expressed deep concern for the loss of hundreds of important archeological masterpieces, some of which date back to three thousand BC. This is in addition to the devastation caused to the historical city of Basra which symbolizes the Arabic and Islamic heritage and that once was the metropolis of the Abbasid Caliphate.
“The Mesopotamia witnessed the birth of the most ancient human civilizations, and the cultural heritage in Iraq constitutes an important and principle part of the human heritage.” the statement added.
The foundation called upon all the concerned parties including the United States of America and the United Kingdom to protect what is left of the monuments in Iraq and to limit looting and robbery of the ancient antiquities in Iraqi museums.
Furthermore, the foundation pleaded to all Arab and international organizations concerned with cultural heritage to seriously work in putting an end to the looting and destruction witnessed in archaeological sites representing the different historical periods in Iraq and take prompt procedures to safeguard cultural heritage which is not only considered the property of Iraqis alone, but rather the property of humanity and the future generations.