In a step to help reduce poverty in TaizDIA organizes workshop for journalists [Archives:2003/638/Local News]

June 2 2003

Taiz Bureau Staff
Yemen Times

In Taiz, and within the objectives of the program for integrating poor people into the society, DIA, an international NGO working in Yemen, organized a workshop during 26-28 May in Taiz.
Twenty journalists from various media establishments participated in the workshop.
The workshop concentrated on the problem of finding an active role for journalists in promoting social integration.
Journalists were informed of how to make Yemeni people aware of the importance of the integration of the marginalized classes of the community into the Yemeni society for better development and to improve relations between the different sectors in Yemen.
For DIA, the question of integration was a priority, as it complements its previous work in the field of helping the youth understand the value of tolerance.
Abyoub al-Qasemi, the workshop coordinator, told YT that “the workshop aimed to activate journalists' role in supporting the social incorporating programs targeting the poor and the marginalized classes of the society and getting them acquainted with their problems and the obstacles facing social integration.”
Swasan al-Adeemi, the head of social integration project said, “The project works in two aspects. The first with the marginalized sectors so as to improve their educational and health levels and let them acquire new skills, and the second is related to the society that includes organizing workshops and training journalists, teachers and students on how to deal with the marginalized classes.”
“For DIA, it is important to work with the local authorities. As far as DIA is concerned about social programs and try to assist the poorest people in order to help them recover their dignity and hope, Cecili Conilleau, DIA's Program Coordinator said
“DIA would like to develop programs which deal with “food security and gender” and agricultural programs in the governorate of Taiz,”. she said.
DIA is currently working on a project to produce cheese locally in Taiz and on projects to develop emergency water supply for 25 villages in one district of Taiz.
“DIA is a French NGO which has worked in Yemen since 1999. From 1999, it has run 4 programs,” Cecili Conilleau, DIA Program Coordinator said.