In abuse to Human Rights, and International Law, America and some Western countries detain 12 thousand Muslims under pretext ofWar on terrorism [Archives:2005/852/Front Page]

June 20 2005

A meeting was held on Friday, June 17 in Taj Saba'a, Sana'a. A number of lawyers and Human rights activists, from America, Britain, Qatar Bahrain and Yemen have attended. The meeting discussed the case of Guantanamo,and other detention centers, in addition to other cases of concern to the Regional and International Human Rights Organizations.

The meeting was organized by the Yemeni Human Rights Organization (Hood). An outcome of the meeting was issued after the press conference on the 18th of June. They called for pressure on the governments to close the illegal detention centers, which spread all over the world. The Sana'a committee has called the Gulf Governments to assure that all detainees are not subjected to torture on the pretext of “war on terror” including those who are transferred from Guantnamo to other detention centers in Cuba. They are to be treated in accordance with the International Human Rights standards

Participants in committee meeting, which convened on Sunday said, “there are hundreds of persons facing the danger of falling into a “dark hole” if they are deported from Guantanamo to their countries

They called on Gulf countries to guarantee not to subject any detainee to torture, and to grant them a right of legal procedures, which meet the international human rights standards.

They also said that it is time to put an end to the illegal detentions of hundreds of people at the Guantanamo detention camp, and asked the USA government to disclose the conditions in other detention centers which are under its control. In a related issue Mr. Clive Staffod Smith, a lawyer representing several Gulf nationals held in Guantanamo,said”These developments constitute a step towards establishing the rule of law for hundreds of non -US nationals in military custody in Guantanamo. A number of lawyers, Human rights activists, from Yemen and a number of Arab countries, criticized the human rights violations that the detainees in Guantanamo and (Bagram air base) are subjected to.

Reports indicate that the victims of the 9/11are more than twelve thousand detainees in the worlds' prisons, whereas detainees in Guantanamo reached (520) detainees from Yemen and other Arab and Islamic countries, among them are ten children who are less than fifteen. All those who are not Arabs or Muslims have been released

Hundreds of detainees remain held in incommunicado detention on secret locations while being denied judicial access, and at a risk of torture or ill -treatment. those detainees should be released unless they are charged with recognizably criminal offences, and brought to trial in full accordance with international standards, and without resort to death penalty. Participants reminded USA and other countries, where people are detained in the context of “war against terror ” of their responsibility to halt the forcible return of foreign nationals to countries where they would face serious human rights violations. All people in detention are entitled to protection, including access to lawyers, medical assistance and access to their families. they said. Further more, all states must ensure strict compliance with human rights standards in any security corporation between states, and all security training programs.

Families of the detainees asked to be kept fully aware of their relatives' health and psychological welfare, and be able to send and receive letters from them. They also asked to be provided with adequate support and assistance including the granting of legal aid.