IN ADAM’S CASE German Experts Still Waiting for Payment [Archives:2001/13/Front Page]

March 26 2001

Yemen Times received a letter from Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Huckenbeck of the Institute für Rechtsmedizin der Heinrich-Heine-Universitat in Germany, one of the German medical experts who examined the mortal remains of the victims of ripper Mohamed Adam. Dr. Wolfgang expressed his concern of the possibility of the government influencing his expert’s report which he wrote in 2000 upon the request of the Yemeni government.
Dr. Wolfgang also said that the University of Düsseldorf is still waiting for paying the costs of the DNA-examinations carried out almost one year ago. He also expressed his surprise at the unveiled mystery in the case of Adam’s case and said that he added a bill of 50,000 German Marks to the government for the liquidation process he carried out.
It is worth mentioning that German experts have already said time and again that the bills were not paid by the time the reports were complete, and surprisingly, they are yet to be paid until today.
Regarding the front-page article entitled “Sudanese Embassy Appeals Mohammed Adam’s Verdict” published in issue 4 of volume XI, Yemen Times would like to clarify that the changes that had occurred to the Sudanese consular staff in Yemen by then were not related to the Adam’s case in any way.
We apologize for the confusion and misinterpretation that occurred because of the article.