In an Island [Archives:2003/662/Culture]

August 25 2003

By Mansour Hassan Al-Wally
Al-Mahweet province
For the Yemen Times

I used to go there lonely where there is no life at all. An island of isolation. There I found myself in exile. I can see only short distances of land because it is surrounded by the sea, I soliloquized a lot and mumbled a few words but I felt tongue- tied. I can talk to no one. I have thoughts and images of real life full of living creatures.
She is still in my mind and in my imagination. She is a beautiful young girl and a brilliant one soaring in the sky of infatuation. She has overwhelmed me with her kindness and charmed me with her smooth voice tone. She is a human being but a weak kind of human. She refused to tell them the truth and step by step I discovered more than the truth. The problem is that she is weak but she has strong devices of fascination, and catching eyes, minds and emotions. I do confess that I have not been there alone. She was with me on the Island with her ghost, which appeared calm in front of me. Whenever I attempt to catch it, it runs a way. Suddenly, I got back to the town and decided not to think about the weak creatures such women who can distract or construct individuals' life. Astonishingly, I woke up of deep sleepiness looking for the ghost.