In an online interviewHarun Yahya: Sound Islamic union should be established [Archives:2005/895/Culture]

November 17 2005

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Harun Yahya whose columns Yemen Times featured during Ramadan, here answers some questions of importance that shed light on his prolific writing and his readership. He is interviewed by Mohammed al-Hakimi, another Ramadan columnist who wanted to acquaint the readers with more facts about Harun Yahya as an Islamic writer.

Q: Who supports these books and the author?

A: The collective goal in all these studies is to convey the annunciation of the Qur'an to the world and thus to summon people to have faith in Allah. The aim is to urge people to think on vital subjects like the existence and the unity of Allah and the other life and to bring out the pervert applications of the denier systems. Inferentially the ultimate aim is to convey the annunciation of the morality of Islam to wider circles. A versatile study is being carried out with this aim. The books are published in various countries all over the world by lots of different publishers in their native languages. Each publisher undertakes the preparation and publication costs.

I do not have any expectation for financial benefits. As a matter of fact the Word texts of all the books are presented to the service of people for free in the internet website addressed This is the most important indicator to show that these studies are solely for the consent of Allah.

Q: Have your published books played any role to support the winning party in your country?

A: Alhamdullilah my writings are read by a big audience in lots of countries in the world. They address to a very wide audience all around Turkey. The documentary films based on my books are broadcasted in the television all over the country. also the radio studies are broadcasted in hundreds radio stations. Likewise Science and Research Foundation, in which I am the honorary president, has held almost 500 conferences with the headings of “The fact of creation,” and “Essence of faith” all over Turkey. Undoubtedly, this is a big study of enlightenment and inshallah have caused the increase in faith in Allah and to fear Allah more and more and to put into practice fastidiously the commands of Allah.

Q: Why aren't you so popular ion the Arab World?

A: My works are read in many countries worldwide from India to USA, England to Indonesia, Poland to Bosnia Herzegovina, Spain to Brazil, Malaysia to Italy, France to Bulgaria and Russia with great liking. These works that are translated to English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Urdu, Arabic, Albanian, Russian, Uygur, Indonesian, Malaysian, Serbian, Japanese, and Chinese are followed by a large reader community abroad. These works that win an extraordinarily appraisal were published in English speaking countries such as England and USA at first place and as consequence they had a very quick recognition in Western Countries at first.

Publication of my books in Arab countries has been started recently. We have signed the necessary agreements with many Arabic publishers. Lately, approximately 10 books have been published in Arabic and they are available in the same website address mentioned above. Translations and publishing preparations of 30-40 books are still continuing. Arabic versions of approximately 25 documentary films that are prepared by use of my books have been completed. Inshallah, in the coming year, many works will be consecutively published in Arabic and readers of the Muslim Arab World will recognize these works closely.

Q: What is your paramount goal?

A: Allah commands all Muslims to work unceasingly in order to invite people to he morals of the Qur'an and spread the Islamic moral to the whole world. In verse 55 of Surat An-Noor, Allah promises that He will make those who have faith successors in the land as He made those before them successors if they worship him, not associating anything with Him. And this indicates the world domination of the Islamic morality. (Allah knows the best). Being given such good news by our Lord, it is extremely important that all Muslims make their utmost for the realization of such a blessed message (news). Spreading the Qur'anic moral will end the violence and pain that has been continuing in so many places worldwide and provide a permanent peace and security.

Q: Do you adopt particular religious or political values and principles?

A: The only guide of the believers is Qur'an and the sunnah of our Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). One who embraces the Qur'an very tightly and the sunnah is on the straightest way that will lead him to the light. Allah explained everything to Muslims in the Qur'an. He informed us in the Qur'an that our Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) is the best model (example) for the believers. Consequently, every moment of a person who has faith – from the smallest detail of his life to this political point of view – is as stated by our Lord in the Qur'an. A person who has sincere faith and obeys the Qur'an is always just – no matter what the condition is – pardoning, merciful, tolerant, honest, patient, modest, moderate, understanding and broad-minded. He only strives to gain the consent and mercy of Allah. The increase of numbers of such people in a community is the only method that will guide the society to advancement.

Q: Which Arab leaders do you believe should step down and why?

A: The Arab society is among the founders of the Islamic civilization. The Islamic civilization enlightened and illuminated the world for centuries. Today, the most important problem that the Arab and the Islamic civilization encounters is division. In order to reconstruct the magnificence, all kinds of diversity and dispute should be eliminated and put aside and a sound Islamic union should be established. Such a union is a must in order to solve problems such as Palestine, Kashmir, and Moro in the favor of Islam. This is equally necessary for the Islamic world to attain the position it deserves in the international politics. Allah commands believers not to separate and to struggle in His Way in ranks like well-built walls. There is one thing that we should not forget: No matter what their language, sect, and ethnical root is, all Muslims are brothers and brothers are obliged to work for the goodness of each other.