In Brief [Archives:2002/08/Local News]

February 18 2002

Forty five passports of Egyptian professors and teachers working in Sanaa were stolen near the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Sanaa last Tuesday. An agent from the Ministry of Guidance was taking the passports in a bag to the Embassy of Saudi Arabia to finalize the travel of the passport owners to Mecca to perform the Haj. The bag was in a car whose windows were open. The thief seems to have thought the bag contained money.

US Ambassador Edmund Hull handed over technical equipment to the Demining Center at Dar Sa’ad district of Aden yesterday. The event was attend by Governor of Aden Taha Ahmad Ghanem and a number of politicians, high ranking officials and dignitaries. The US is one of the top supporters of demining in Yemen.

The Iranian Embassy in Sana’a held a reception on Feb. 10 at the Taj Shiba Hotel on the occasion of Islamic Revolution of Iran. Many ambassadors and social and political dignitaries attended the party.

Mr. George Sama’an, editor in chief of al-Landaniyah newspaper arrived in Sana’a on Feb. 15. He is expected to conduct many interviews with Yemeni officials.

The regional meetings on combating malaria for the east Mediterranean Sea countries, in which Yemen is a member, wrapped up on Feb. 2.

Yemeni Journalists Syndicate (YJS) annulled on Feb. 14, the case filed against al-Qassemi, after he officially apologized for his misconduct at the YJS headquarters.

Yemen is to take part at the international exhibition of coffee to be held on December 7-10, on the sidelines of the annual meeting of the International Coffee Association in Florida, US.

The Ministry of Culture is preparing for a Yemeni cultural week in the Sultanate of Oman within the next couple of months.

Sana’a Airport officials foiled a plot by a foreigner to smuggle 466 pieces of ancient Yemeni antiquities out of the country on Feb. 10.

The Ministry of Education resumed working on Thursdays as of Feb. 14.

Yemeni Journalists Syndicate (YJS) welcomed the statement of Prime Minister Bajamal concerning the application of the media employees payroll.

European Union (EU) has assisted the Aden Free Zone with Euro 1 million.

The Ministry of Immigrants has completed preparations to establish and operate the Immigrant Information Center, to be inaugurated within the next days.

Curricula & Guidance Sector at the Ministry of Education is to organize a workshop on teaching of English from 16 to 20 Feb., in cooperation with the British Council.

Yemen is to take part at the 10th round of the General Assembly of the Permanent Committee of Scientific & Technical Cooperation of the Organization of Islamic Conference in Pakistan.

The Ministry of Information held a dinner and artistic party on Feb. 11, in honor of a number of foreign media delegations visiting Yemen.

Three persons were killed this week in a deadly car accident on the al-Barah-Taiz highway. Further details were unavailable.