In Brief [Archives:2002/09/Culture]

February 25 2002

Ghael Bawazeer festival
honors distinguished singers
The Hadhramaut governorate will hold a tourist, and cultural folk art festival in the coming months. The festival will include diverse cultural activities such as Yemeni song, drama, and art activities. It will be held under the auspices of the Hadhramaut Governor, Abdulakader Helal in Ghael Bawazeer.
The Chairman of the Culture Office in Hadhramaut stated that a number of distinguished singers will be also honored during the festival, including Mohammed Morshed Nagi, Mohammed Sa’ad Abdullah and other prominent Yemeni singers.
Promoting tourism
The Deputy Tourism Minister, Mohammed Kofla stated that the Ministry has conducted new policies with regard to the tourism industry in collaboration with the Yemeni Airlines and tourist sector.
He added that the Ministry has intends to tackle problems faced by the tourism industry.
New policies are largely concentrated on taking initiatives towards inaugurating open tourist markets in the Gulf States, Eastern Asia and other different countries.
He added further that Yemen had taken solid steps to eradicate kidnapping, a problem that, unless solved, keeps tourists away.
Minister of Culture promises that libraries are on the way
Building new libraries to encourage Yemens illiterate population to gain interest in reading is just one of the ways Yemens Ministry of Culture hopes to improve the country.
Minister Abdulwahab al-Rawhani, says his desire is to change Yemens stagnant culture and bring new hope for the future.
The minister notes he wishes to pay particular attention to children and their cultural needs.
He has met with officials during the last couple of months to discuss such issues, and promote a new sense of cultural pride in Yemen. Its his plan to also establish new cultural centers across the country, and the ministry has been working hand-in-hand with the Social Fund for Development to this end.
Its hoped new projects such as libraries will have excellent outcomes in the near future, since Yemen needs an educated population to lead its next generation.