In Brief [Archives:2002/11/Local News]

March 11 2002

The Palestinian Ambassador to Yemen, along with the Embassy’s staff, received condolences on the death of Ahmed Mufraj (Abu Hamid) chief of the southern district in Gaza Strip and commander of the Palestinian Revolution Forces in Yemen, from 1982 to 1994 at his house on Saturday and Sunday.
Hussain al Ulifi, an education employee at Sana’a Education Office, was killed at his office while in duty. The murderer shot al Ulifi, in the head, then run away. This comes after al Ulifi refused to cooperate in signing contract with new Arab teachers whom the murderer wanted to hire.
The Social Information Center for Refugees held on March 9 a party for marking International Women’s Day. Many speeches were delivered during the celebration which highlighted the importance of empowering women and protecting them, especially female refugees.
Yemeni Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, Dhaifalah Shumailah met recently with Sheikh Hamid Zaid Al Nahian, member of the executive council and chairman of the economic division at the State of Abu Dhabi. Issues of bilateral relations and cooperation were discussed during the meeting.
General Department of Forestry & Combating Dissertation held a training course on March 3 on institutional structure of women associations.
Children Forum held on March 5 a seminar on child rights in cooperation with the Taiz-based al-Saeed Foundation for Science & Culture.
Five tourist yachts arrived to Aden on March 3 carrying tourists from different nationalities.
The Foundation for Women Culture & Inter-civilizations Dialogue organized on March 6 a celebration marking the international Women Day.
The government of Yemen has donated USD 1.5 million to the Palestinian Authority (PA) on March 6. This came during the meeting of the al-Aqsa Mosque Fund held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
The second Palestinian children celebration was organized in Sana’a under the theme Palestine on the eyes of children.
Yemen, represented by the chairwomen of the Women’s Forum for Research & Training, will take part at the regional workshop on gender issues and the democratic transition in the Arab world.
Yemenia airways organized on March 9 the regional conference for the Gulf countries and the Middle East in Doha, Qatar.