In brief [Archives:2005/828/Business & Economy]

March 28 2005

– In collaboration with the International Immigration Organization, the Ministry of Expatriates approved nearly 300 boats for returnees working in the sea with the aim to improve their living standards. The Yemeni Ministry of Fisheries Wealth is looking at a new law to organize fishing in Yemeni waters, as well as to monitor the quality of the fishery products and assign the areas of traditional, coastal and industrial fishing.

– Eng. Abdulmu'ti al-Junaid Director General of the Electricity Corporation announced the Supreme Committee for Tenders completed the procedures of selecting an Iranian company to implement the project of the transfer station in Marib at a cost of $45 million, while the Korean Company Hyundai was selected to implement the project of the electrical energy highways with a total cost of $59 million.

– A delegation from social ministries in the Gulf countries is due to visit Yemen in the beginning of the coming month to enhance cooperation in the area of social affairs and labor.

– The Tax Authority has estimated the Yemeni losses in taxation smuggling over the past five years at YR 150 million.

– Minister of Justice Adnan al-Jefri conducted discussions in Khartoum that concentrated on the possibility of Yemen's receiving Sudanese experts in the field of commercial judiciary in an attempt to reform the situation of commercial courts in the country.

– A Yemen-Chinese consultant meeting was held in Beijing, the capital of China, in the presence of Hussein Taher Yahya Undersecretary of the Yemeni Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The meeting focused on the enhancement of economic and political ties between the two countries. Yemeni exports to China totaled YR 213.3 billion last year.