In brief [Archives:2005/829/Business & Economy]

March 31 2005

– Dr. Ali Mansour Bin Safah, Minister of Technical Education and Vocational Training, expressed his appreciation for the efforts of the World Bank in supporting technical education and vocational training in Yemen. World Bank experts will visit Yemen during April 2005 to follow the results of the project.

– The Public Administration of Irrigation and Water Dams (PAIWE) has established an operations room to track the average volume stored water. Mutahar Zaid, General Manager of PAIWE, said his team submits their reports regularly to show the average of water flowing into dams across the country. He indicated that the average capacity in 14 dams in Sana'a hold 1,366,696 cubic meters, 60 percent of the total capacity. The 12 dams in Al-Bayda'a are currently at around 67 percent of total capacity, the 11 dams in Amran are at 31 percent and the three dams in Sada'a are at 18 percent.