In Brief [Archives:2005/831/Local News]

April 7 2005

– Authorities at the Hodeida Port have seized around 40 tons of schoolbooks disguised as outdated papers before being trafficked to India.

– The books were for different educational stages and most are new editions.

– Yemeni Interior Minister Dr. Rashad al-Alimi and his Omani counterpart Saod Ibrahim signed a security agreement to enhance security cooperation on April 4.

– The agreement covers the control of borders from both sides and the exchange of information on several security issues.

– A number of unidentified men threw a grenade in front of the Contemporary Language Institute, which is located near al-Jomhouri Hospital, Taiz. The explosion resulted in shattered windows and damage to a bus while it was parked in front of the Institute.

– Abduljaleel Radman al-Mikhlafi was murdered by Abdu Ghalib Othman, 55, on Sunday April 3 in Taiz over disputes between their families. The victim is the father of Abdulamalik al-Mekhlafi, Secretary General of Unionist Naserite Party.

– Nashwan Mohammad Sa'eed of Taiz al-Masbah Zone was killed last week by Wadhah al-Shar'abi, 20. The motives behind the murder case are still unknown.

– The town of al-Qaeda Ibb witnessed a tragic incidence when a child murdered his father in front of a hospital in the locality after being beaten by his father while his mother was hospitalized.

– Abdu No'aman Saleh, 45, one of al-Ma'afer locals, Taiz, committed suicide by hanging himself by own clothes and the real motives behind the tragic incident are still unidentified.

– The international workshop of the less developed countries that work hard to join the World Trade Organization was concluded Wednesday April 6 in Sana'a. The workshop was organized by the UN Conference for Trade and Development in cooperation with the ministry of industry and trade.

– Dr. Raofa Hassan Founder of Cultural Development Program delivered a lecture at the Egyptian Cultural Center under the title “civil community in Yemen in the age of globalization”.

– In collaboration with the UNICEF, the media forum for childhood issues held on Sunday April 3 a workshop on girls' education and the role of media in supporting women to undertake schooling.

– Yemen is currently participating in the 15th Abu Dhabi International Book Fair through the participation of four Yemeni publishers with nearly 795 titles.

– Functions of the ninth meeting of the Yemeni-Tunisian Committee were concluded on Sunday April 3. Seven memorandums were signed in the meeting along with executive programs for a number of agreements.

– A memorandum of understanding between Yemeni Ministry of Public Health and Population and a Japanese medical foundation was signed in the Japanese capital of Tokyo. Under the memorandum, the Japanese medical foundation will establish a well-equipped and multi-specialization hospital in Yemen.

– An awareness program on children's rights was inaugurated April 4 at Sana'a University. The program was organized by Human Rights Ministry and Sana'a University in collaboration with the Swedish Organization for childcare, Rada Parnen.

– Functions of the special course on the role of media in facing crises wrapped up Wednesday April 6 at the Media Training Institute with the participation of 45 trainees.

– Preacher Amro Khalid completed his visit to Yemen after delivering several lectures for Yemeni youths, particularly those who claim to support al-Houthi's followers and those who returned from Afghanistan.

– A special workshop for funding industries and small enterprises started last Friday in Sana'a.

– Lawyers are still continuing their protest condemning the attack against the lawyer Mohammed Naji Allaw and Jamal Al-Jabi'e by some soldiers at the hall of the Capital City Appeal Court in the beginning of March. The Bar Association has started to implement their protests, including sit-ins, demonstrations, and strikes. These will continues until the authorities prosecute the people responsible for the attack.

– A number of armed tribesmen attacked the offices of Al-Waseet newspaper, forcing out all employees and disrupting the printing of a number of party and private newspapers. The police authorities rushed to the building on April 4 but they quickly withdrew, leaving the tribesmen to play with the printers, the office furniture and the building's equipment belonging to Haj Salem Al-Zagheer.