In brief [Archives:2006/1000/Local News]

November 20 2006


Local Council meets

World Bank delegation

Nov. 18 ) General Secretary of Local Council, Aldul Kareem Al-Shaef, met the delegation of the World Bank led by Golio Thomas and they discussed the issue of governmental institutions restructure. Al-Shaef said the topic of the new administrative restructure for the state's organizations. They also discussed the proposals and recommendations of workshop organized by the World Bank in Aden.


Traffic accident leads to 16

killed and others injured

Nov. 19 ) One traffic accident led to 16 dead and others injured on the Jahran`s Way in Dhamar. Witnesses stated that the accident was a crash between a car and bus which was headed to Sana'a – the two drivers are killed.


Workshop on eradicating illiteracy

Nov. 18 ) Mohammed Al-Said, the Assistant of Syrian Minister of Culture arrived in Sana'a on Saturday to take part in a workshop on eradicating illiteracy in Sana'a.

The workshop is organized by USESCO in cooperation with the Arab Education Bureau for the Gulf States and includes participation from 11 Arab countries. Upon his arrival, the Syrian official stated that the workshop focuses on increasing funds to eliminate illiteracy in the region.

The first Child Entertaining Day

Nov. 19 ) Shuithib Foundation celebrated the first Child Entertaining Day cooperating with the management of Movenpick Hotel. About 60 children from different social foundations for orphans and handicaps children participated in the celebration. The celebration included sports and entertaining sections. The celebration reflects the cooperation between the civil society and the private sectors to improve the children's activities in society.

Training course in

television montage

Nov. 19 ) The Mass Communication and Qualifying Institute organized a training course in television's montage cooperating with the Syrian television. The trainees are selected from the Yemeni channels. The course aimed to provide trainees with new technical knowledge in preparing television programs and how trainees select suitable sound effects for a program. “This course is important to provide the Yemeni staff with the new experience in both the technical and media fields and the Yemeni Staff need more courses in different fields to improve their performance