In brief [Archives:2006/1004/Local News]

December 4 2006


Parks administration

building lands

Dec. 2 ) The parks administration will construct 17 parks in different districts in Aden in 2007. The areas will be provided with playing fields for children, irrigation nets, fountains, cafeterias and other public services according to Salah Al-Raei, the manger of the administration of parks and trees. Specialist companies will carry out the project cooperating with parks administration.


Abuzz with honey production

Dec. 2 ) The manger of the honey office in the University of Hadramout for Science and Technology said the bee farms in Hadramout produce about 1,591 tons of honey annually and they export about 295 tons. He added that Hadramout is considered as the top governorate in exportation and importation honey in Yemen according to the information on the farm statistics for 2006.


Veterinarian services for animals

Dec. 3 ) The veterinary's administration of farm and irrigation office held a training program for 139 trainees in Laj. Additionally, they treated more than 30,000 sheep from different areas in Laj and the veterinaries gave medication to animals to fight parasites. The program helped with many people who train animals to increase the awareness of animals value to the national production.


Heavy rains destroy

Al-Taaem district

Dec. 3 ) The secretary general of the local councils, Abo-Alfathal Al-Saidi, visited the damaged region which is affected by the heavy rains in Al-Taaem district in Raimah. The heavy rain destroyed many houses, citizen's possessions and arable lands. The raining also damaged the new main street which join the two Al-Taaem and Al-Jabien districts. The work of building these streets are still going on and concluding opening and paving new ways according to Al-Saidi.


Tourism investments in

Yemen through media

Dec. 2 ) The Ministry of Tourism and the Arab Tourism Organization signed an agrrement for investment and for the improvement of Yemen's tourism sector. The two groups agreed to set up a factory to produce entertainment equipment for theme areas. They also plan to establish a center for hotel and tourism training in Yemen and to promote tourist investment in Yemen through satellite channels, tourism magazines and newspapers.

Exhibition for aesthetics

of fasting in Yemen

Dec. 2 ) On Tuesday the exhibition “The Aesthetics of Fasting – Ramadan in Yemen”” by the German photographer Ralf Backer opened at The German House. The professional artist took these photographs during an October visit to Yemen. The exhibition emphasized the aesthetic dimension of fasting during Ramadan. The exhibition contributes to the Yemeni and German friendship. The show continues until Dec. 9.

Training guide for

minimizing illiteracy

Dec. 3 ) The chairman of Illiteracy Eradication Body