In brief [Archives:2006/978/Local News]

August 4 2006


Two dead in tribal killing

Sept. 3 ) Two individuals from Al-Kullah tribe were found dead Friday on the road leading to Al-Shaet of Al-Madharebeh district, Lahj governorate. The killings took place when a group of Al-Aghberah tribe made a trap for a group from Al-Kullah tribe, firing bullets at them and shooting two. A war, involving revenge between both sides, erupted at the onset of this year and the authorities have not intervened to stop fighting between the two tribes.


Dead and injured following rally

Sept. 2 ) Two people died and another four injured after an exchange of fire at the end of rally for the General People's Congress. Two individuals belonging to Al Musallam were killed in Al-Ghail district after returning from the rally. These two were killed in gun-fire exchange with an armed group belonging to Al-Ashraf tribe who came to revenge one of their relatives whose killer fled to Al Musallam tribe. Two injured individuals were rushed to a medical center in Al-Athneen Market area while the other two from Al Musallam were moved to Al-Hazm Hospital.


Dermatologists conference

Sept. 2 ) The 10th Conference of the Pan Arab League of Dermatologists concluded yesterday. The conference hosted more than 30 delegations representing Asia, Europe, Africa, South and North America. The participates attended 12 workshops discussing scientific researches handling many issues including surgical treatment of vitiligo, hair transplant and phototherapy ( Laser & IPL). Local, Arab and international medical companies showed their products and medical equipments during the conference.


Flower arranging

Sept. 3 ) A demonstration of “arranging Japanese flowers (Ikebana)” is to take place today from 10:00 am until 12:30 at the Cultural House (Bait Al-Thaqafa) in Sana'a. The demonstration, which is organized by the Japanese Embassy and Ministry of Culture, will also take place on Wednesday Sep. 6. Ikebana is a Japanese tradition art form – in contrast decorative flower arranging in other countries, the Japanese flower arrangement create a harmony of linear construction, rhythm, and color.

Indonesia comes to Yemen

Sept. 3 ) Aiming to introduce the Indonesian folklore and enhance the cultural cooperation between Indonesia and Yemen, an Indonesian band for public dancing organizes an artistic party at the cultural center in Sana'a next Friday evening. The band will also host a party in the Movenpick celebrating old relations linking Yemen to Indonesia centuries ago, right from the arrival of Yemeni merchants to spread of Islam. The population of Indonesia exceeds 220 million people and 8 millions are from Yemeni origin.

Aviation strike

Sept. 2 ) Yemeni aviation engineers went on strike right Saturday, Sep. 2 on in protest of the lack of action by Yemeni Airlines to reach the engineers' demands. The strike will involve overtime work only, after the syndicate reached a closed door with the Yemeni Airlines board of directors who have not paid for overtime in over 5 years. The engineers threatened to stop working on the Arab planes heading to Sana'a airport if there is no response to their demands within two days.

Costly firearms

Sept. 3 ) Yemen's financial cost due to fire arms mishandling reached YR 18 billion in the past 20 years, a study said. MENA Report 2006 said there were more than 77,000 medical cases registered in the past three years, and 25 percent of them were caused by arms mishandling and random firing in celebrations. Official statistics issued by the Ministry of Interior showed there were 45,000 crimes over the last 4 years involving arms misuse. Recently, crime rates are on the rise as well as weapons spread, smuggling and trade.