In brief [Archives:2006/979/Local News]

August 7 2006


Rainfall flowing into Tihama

Sept. 6 ) As a result of recent rainfall, almost 20 million cubic meters of water is said to have flowed into Tihama valleys in Hudaiedah governorate during the past four days. Mohammad Yihya Al-Ghashm, head of the general authority for developing Tihama, said this water flow is because of the recent rainfalls coming from the Mousterian areas in center and west Yemen.


Money for new schools

Sept. 6 ) The new academic year started this month and it was enriched in Aden with the launching of 16 new schools with the total of 283 classrooms. The cost of preparing these schools totaled one billion Yemeni Riyals while another 35 million was dedicated to renovating bathrooms of existing schools in Aden.


Agricultural technical reports

Sept. 6 ) Sixteen researchers from Dhamar were taught how to write technical agricultural reports and essays in a six-day course. The researchers are affiliated with the general authority of agricultural research around the country. The course was organized by the national agriculture-training center in coordination with the general authority of agricultural research.


Financial support for female candidates

Sept. 7 ) At Yemen Times Headquarters the Home Coalition Group will distribute money for female candidates to support their electoral campaigns. The act is a reaction to the lack of support from the political parties for women candidates in Yemen, according to the group. All woman candidates in Sana'a, all group members and media are invited to attend the cermony at Yemen Times. Raufa Hassan told Yemen Times, “The financial support will include all electoral campaigns for all independent woman candidates across the republic.””

Indonesion Cultural Expo

Sept. 7 ) Indonesian cultural will be on display tonight at the Yemen Cultural Center. The Indonesian Embassy and the Ministry of Culture organized the event as one of several events held in commemoration of the 61st anniversary of the Indonesian Independence day. Other events include a cultural and culinary night on Sept. 8 at the Movenpick Hotel.

GSM provider

Sept. 6 ) Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology demanded that third GSM provider pay the $30 million they owe in fees.

Unitel is the third company poised to operate GSM services in Yemen