In brief [Archives:2006/982/Local News]

September 18 2006


8 deaths because of

campaign traffic

Sept. 15 ) Eight people were killed in car accidents as a result of the traffic at presidential campaign rallies last Wednesday in al-Dhalie governorate 345 kilometres south Sana'a. However, only five people were hurt lightly in the rally itself as a result of the crowding. The traffic deaths – all males – were caused because of pilling people in cars and trucks in order to transfer them to the rally location five of which were from one family “Dhagsan”, while the other three were unrelated.


54 kilos of Hashish confiscated

Sept. 16 ) The General Authority for Drug Fighting in cooperation with local security of Al-Mahara 54.5 kilos of Hashish were confiscated last week. The drugs were found in the sea near the coast in various packages hung by wires for retrieval.


40 dead in traffic accidents

last week

Sept. 16 ) According to the traffic general authority there were 166 reported traffic accidents around the republic during last week. The causalities included 40 dead and 189 injured. The total cost of these accidents is estimated at YR 840 thousand and the report indicated the common cause of the accidents to be speed and poor maintenance.


200 disabled receive

election training

Sept. 16 – Two hundred deaf Yemenis received training on the mechanisms and tools they can use to allow equal participation in the coming elections. This campaign was arranged in a workshop organised by people with hearing disability care Association in Taiz as part of six similar workshops conducted for the first time in Yemen.


Two power plants start operaing next week in Sayoun

Sept. 15 ) Prime Minister Abdul-Qadar Ba-Jammal inspected on urgent project of electricity at capacity of 15 MGW in Hadhramout governorate. He listened from officials of the project on to works after arrival of equipment of the plant last Wednesday. It is scheduled that plant will be operated next week. Another plant is to be set up in Horah district in Hadhramout at capacity of 10 MGW.


Deadly mountain landslide

Sept. 17 ) A year-old baby was killed and three houses were destroyed after a land slide that fell on Bait Minain in Al-Mahwait last week. The landslide was caused by the residue of rainwater in between the mountain rocks, which eventually caused parts of the mountain to break down and crush the houses. All members of the families were farming outside their homes except for the sleeping child inside one of the houses. It is the third landslide in Al-Mahwait this year.


Precautionary and technical

oil training

Sept. 16 ) Technical employees at Aden oil refinery have received 14 training courses this year. The courses have been for 27 employees and provide staff with technical, engineering, storage, management, environment protection and nursing as well as other professional skills to assist them in performing their work at the refinery. The courses were organized in coordination with the Arab House for Consultancies.