In brief [Archives:2006/984/Local News]

September 25 2006


Man opens fire

Sept. 22 ) A gun fire incident took place in Al-Hotta's qat market, injuring two individuals, Mohamed Abdulwadood (20) and Mohammed Rami Saleh (14).

The injured were rushed to a nearby hospital, while the perpetrator was arrested by security forces which conducted an investigation to know the incident's involvement.

Water projects implemented

in Lahj

Sept. 24 – Concerned authorities are currently implementing many water projects in Lahj governorate at a total cost of half million Euros, funded by the European Market Countries contributing to implementation of rural areas' water projects.

In a statement to Yemen News Agency, Saba, Eng. Anwar Al-Marfadi, General Manager of Rural Water Projects Corporation in Aden and Lahj, clarified that implementation of Khor Amira water project in Al-Madhariba District is underway. He mentioned that other water projects are implemented in Madram and Tawr Al-Baha districts in Aden and Lahj. Al-Marfadi pointed said the corporation is also supervising implementation of water projects funded by local councils.

According to Al-Marfadi, Hayel Sa'eed Group of Companies has contributed to drilling artisan wells in Jawl Madram in Aden. He indicated that water projects help encourage stability of population in rural areas and alleviate their sufferings.


Islamic Relief implements

Iftar Project

September. 24 ) Islamic Relief Yemen is due to implement on Wednesday a program for providing Iftar meals for Muslims keeping fast in Ramadan. The projects total cost is 30,000 Euros, and will take place in Da'ar Sa'ad Area in Aden and Taur Al-Baha and other areas in Lahj governorate.

The project targets the poorest families, widows, orphans and people of special needs. The foodstuffs will be distributed to 3,300 families (roughly 23,100 individuals. The foodstuffs cover rice, wheat, sugar, oil and date.

Costa Rica renews Yemen

September 24 ) Costa Rica has resumed diplomatic relations with Yemen, Kuwait and Bahrain after Foreign Minister Bruno Stagno's Friday talks with his counterparts from the three Arab countries in New York, the Costa Rican Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The diplomatic moves came after the Central American country announced on Aug. 16 that it would move its embassy in Israel from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv.

During a meeting on the sidelines of the 61st United Nations General Assembly, Stagno and Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammad Al-Sabah Al-Salem al-Sabah also discussed UN reforms, the race for the next UN secretary general, and other issues, according to the statement.


12 public and cooperative

associations cancelled

September 24 ) The Social Affairs and Labour Office in Amran issued the closure of 12 public and cooperative associations on grounds of violating the law. The associations were proved not to follow standard legislations in electing managerial board and not producing annual accounts for many years. The number of established associations in the governorate is 100 since 1998 according to Mr. Hussain Al-Houthi director of the Social Affairs Office at the governorate.


20 technicians trained on

development concepts

Sept. 24 ) Social Fund for Development (SFD) concluded Saturday a training course on development concepts. The event involved technicians and supervisors in charge of SFD-funded projects.

20 technicians and supervisors were trained on development concepts, its types and how to read layouts, and quantities and specifications tables, as well as how to avoid common errors related with implementation phases.

Participants, who attended the course, paid field visits to different areas.