In brief [Archives:2006/987/Local News]

October 5 2006


New oil discovered

Oct. 4 ) The British Company Soco International exploring oil in Yemen announced the success of its tests on an oil well in Kharir Field, east Shabowah, with over more than 8400 barrels a day.

An official statement issued by the company declared that reserves in this field are on increase, adding the results were encouraging to continue explorations in the whole eastern area of Kharir field. The company announced last August that Eastern Shabowah area produces about 12,000 oil barrels a day.


French Ambassador ends his work in Yemen

French Ambassador to Yemen Alain Morouo is leaving Yemen after ending his work as ambassador to Sana'a. In his meeting with President Saleh yesterday, Morouo congratulated the president on the success of the presidential and local councils elections. He expressed the French government's gratitude to the Yemeni government for the efforts exerted to release, in safety, the French tourists, who were kidnapped in Shabwah governorate.

Tourism agencies protest kidnapping

Oct. 4 ) Yemeni Society for Tourism and Travel Agencies (YSTTA) urged workers in the tourism sector to participate in the sit-in which it organized Wednesday noon at the Ministry of Tourism in protest against kidnapping of tourists.

The sit-in condemned the phenomenon of kidnapping and its negative consequences on the sector of tourism and travel, the services of hotels and restaurants plus activities of craftsmen and workers in this area.

In a press release, YSTTA said the sit-in aims to put pressure on the government to take firm procedures against the phenomenon and enforce the Kidnapping Law.

Protestors also urged the government to form a committee to study compensations due for tourism and travel agencies and hotels that suffered losses as a result of kidnapping.


New dam projects set

Oct. 4 ) The technical studies involving the establishment of Hassan Valley and Surdud dams have been done and they were signed between Yemen and Abu Dhabi Fund for development in UAE. Both projects were assigned USD 250 million. Further, the studies concerning the implementation of Mareb Dam's channels have also been performed. UAE reconstructed Historical Mareb's Dam with USD 75 million.


Holy Quran competition for girls

Oct. 3 ) The National Cultural Center began the Holy Quran memorization competition for girls and the cultural competition for the third time subsequently.

About 50 girls will participate in the competition representing a number of schools in the governorate. The competition will continue for five days.

Bakeries halt work

Oct. 4 ) A number of bakery owners in Taiz halted work following recent price hikes, involving many food stuffs as for flour after the victory of the General People Congress in the presidential and local elections. The owners of the bakeries further declared that some areas lack in flour and it is bought in the black markets at more than YR 3000. The prices recently witnessed constant increases due to the rampage of administrative and financial corruption and the lack of official control, say the owners.