In brief [Archives:2006/994/Local News]

October 30 2006


Two drowned and

two lost in Aden

Oct. 28 ) A 17 year-old boy from taiz and a women, 35, from Dar Saad have drowned on the Goledmor beach and Al Braigah`s beach during Eid. Another two children are still missing after they drown in the Goledmor beach. A source said people are continuing to search for the two missing people.

Guide book on Aden's beauty

Oct. 28 ) The General Assembly for Tourism Development is in the last stages of preparing tourism guid book. It should be available the beginning of 2007. The guide book will highlight the attractive and famous places and guideposts in Aden and it will indicate books, films and maps for the archeological places in Aden in both Arabic and English.


Tourists via Al-Mahra passage increase ever more

Oct. 28 ) Al-Mahra Customs' Outlets has a continuous flow of tourists coming to Yemen. Abdul-Latif Radman, Director of Passports and Emigrations Office in Harfit

outlet, near the Sultanate of Oman, said the outlet is witnessing many tourists and expatriates. He said the outlet received 2932 Yemeni expatriates, 20,180 Arab visitors and 216 foreign tourists so far this year. He said the governorate is rich with its natural, tourist and historic sights which attract tourists and visitors.


Development projects in Rada'a

Oct. 28 ) There were 64 developmental and service projects were implemented in Rada'a city of Beidha Governorate during the last decade. Al-Beidha Deputy governor for Rada'a affairs, Abdullah Ali Nasher Al-Ahmar, said these projects were on education, roads, public works, health, electricity, water, agriculture, sanitation and communication fields.


Second democracy

forum for women in Yemen

Oct. 29 ) Sisters' Arab Forum for Human Rights arranges the second democracy forum for women under banner “Two years for achievement and missing opportunities”” from Nov. 3 to 5. Many international organizations will support the workshop. A group of active women on the women's issues and human rights from twenty Arab and Islamic countries will participate in the forum.

1st annual conference on fighting corruption in China

Oct. 28 ) Yemen took part in the International Cooperation for Fighting Corruption held in Beijing