In brief [Archives:2006/997/Local News]

November 9 2006


– New system for ship supervised and movement

Nov. 7 – The italic company for special consultative has finished the preparations to enter new system for ship supervised and movement. The safety project indicates several fields in the marine field. This project aims to organize the ship movement in the oil port at Al-Moala pier. Many courses will organize for the port staff in how to deal with this new system.

– A study for the shell variety in Aden

Nov. 8 ) A research team started looking at the area is in the area of Al-Briegah`s seashore in Aden on Monday. The study aims to note the shell variety in Aden and activation the center of conchologist research. Some of the shells are used to produce medical materials and makeup. The research is set to last two months.


– Searching for heritage locations

Nov.7 ) The general committee for heritage visited Al-Jawf Governorate to survey important historical locations around the governorate. The team aims to find a location for building a new museum. The museum will be completed in the six next months according to the govern orator of Al-Jawf stated. The project is supported by the community fund for development.


– A coordinating assembly for educated women support

Nov. 8 ) Workshop activities aimed to establish a coordinating assembly to support educated women project in Marib concluded on Monday. In total 55 trainees participated on the workshop. Many women's issues were discussed and all focused on the importance of developing women's programs.


– Course on communication and health culture field

Nov.8 ) The Ministry of Health organized a three-course for the communication and health culture field. Overall 28 trainees will get training to deal with patients and how to illustrate the health information for patients. The trainees had a course in how to prepare a awareness programs for the citizens especially for women.


– Two drug-traders sentenced 25 years imprisonment

Nov. 8 ) The Yemeni Primary Panel Court sentenced Ahmad Awam Assuhari and Saleh Hussein Hadi to 25 years imprisonment on Tuesday. Judge Mohammad Ahmad Al- Badani read the sentences and also freed Ali Mohammad Abdullah and Ali Hamid Said. He also ordered the burning of 34 kg of hashish, seized by security authorities in Marib.

– Youth and education channel project in Sana'a

Nov. 7 ) On Sunday Vice President Abdo Raboh Mansur Hadi inspected the project of creating the Tourism, Youth and Educational Channel in Sana'a City. The channel will broadcast education programs that include curriculums for primary and secondary schools. The vice president watched some examples of the programs, expressing his appreciation for the efforts exerted to prepare those programs which aim to improve the educational process in the country. The vice president also visited the new building for the Ministry of Education in Al-Hasabah.


– The citizenship and civics project continue for the fourth time

Nov. 7 ) Women's forum for researches and training organizes a special meeting for the school managers and teachers in Taiz on Nov. 9 to discus the practical ideas for the citizenship and civics project. The project improved the students` skills in how to get information's source and group work for the four years ago. Also it brought suggestions in how to develop the project's activities.