In brief [Archives:2006/998/Local News]

November 13 2006


Project to grow trees

at Aden's schools

Nov. 11 ) The office of the environmental protection started a campaign on Saturday which aims to teach students the importance of growing trees in the schoolyards. The office of the environment is cooperating with the Ministry of Industry and other offices to change from plastic bags to paper bags to decrease the amount of garbage in schoolyards and around the country. The campaign is targeting youth who will play role in bringing awareness to their community.


Heritage mosque destroyed in Thala

Nov. 12 ) The heritage attorney received a case file after a group of Thala residents destroyed a local heritage mosque. The official manger of the public committee for heritage in Amran, Ahmad Al-Saini, stated that a benefactor gave support to the residents and aimed to expand the mosque without noticed the local authority. Al-Saini blamed the benefactor and said it was better to restore the mosque rather than destroy it. Al-Saini is investigating the real motives for destroying the heritage mosque which was built more than 250 years ago.


International delegation for Agriculture fund

Nov. 12 ) The local council's secretary general met a delegation of the International Fund for Agriculture Developing and UN's Project Services Bureau to discuss cooperation between Yemen and the fund as well as the project of improving irrigation and social development and means of improving agriculture, livelihood and environment in the governorate by offering institutional support, technical training, building social capacities and carrying out relevant programs to improve infrastructure such as building dams and reclaiming agricultural mountainous lands.


Finalizing infrastructure

projects Hodeidah

Nov. 12 ) Hassan Al-Hij, secretary general of Hodeidah Local Council, discussed on Saturday with Keya Mailer, an expert at the World Bank, means of developing and expanding Hodeidah as a seaport city. In the meeting, Al-Hij reviewed arrangements for finalizing infrastructure projects in the city as it is considered a key industrial area in the country. Mailer presented a paper for the upcoming Consultative Group Meeting for Yemen's development partners, which will be held in London this week, about opportunities of investment in Yemen particularly in Hodeidah, Aden, Mukalla, Taiz and Sana'a. A symposium will be organized this month to discuss development plans and governorate participation of government and representatives of private sector, civil society organizations and development partners.


Arab regional meeting for illiteracy

Nov. 11 ) Yemen is to host regional meeting on illiteracy in Arab countries this month. Ten Arab delegations from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, UAE, Bahrain, Syria, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait will take part in the meeting. The meeting is being organized in cooperation with the Islamic Organization for Education, Science and Culture. The meeting will discuss issues associated with modern means for training teachers for illiteracy eradication and involvement of private sector and the civil society organizations to carry programs of illiteracy eradication.

Women's technology program

Nov. 11 ) SOUL for development, a non government organization, held a meeting on Women Information Technology program in Sana'a, where 75 female students participated. The meeting aimed to help the student understand the programs activities. The meeting, which was held at the higher institute for telecommunication, falls within the information technology program implemented by SOUL and Sysco Academic, aims to give women information technology skills.

First Muslim Women Conference

Nov. 11 ) Yemen is to take part in the first Conference for Muslim Women that will be held in Turkey during the period from Nov. 20 to 23. The Minister of Social Affairs and Labor will head the Yemeni delegation at the conference sponsored by the Organization of Islamic Conference. The conference will discuss issues of Muslim and Arab women within the current changes, especially after 9/11 and role of media in supporting Muslim women's issues.