In brief [Archives:2006/999/Local News]

November 16 2006


– Attractive investment in Aden

Nov. 14 ) The Aden Governor Ahmad Al-Khuhlani met the Ambassador of Italy to discuss cooperation between the two countries to activate the Italian tourism in Aden and to attract the Italian tourists to Yemen. The governor said the Yemeni government makes facilities for foreign investors and businessmen in different fields to make business in Yemen easy.


– Renewed oppositions between two armed tribes

Nov. 14 ) Tribes in Amran renewed their opposition two weeks ago – leading injures for four men. A source stated that the reasons were an argument over ownership of a garden. The two sides have used firearms during the past weeks. A previous disagreement flared up between the tribes in July leading to one death and other injuries.


– Training course for local radio broadcasters

Nov. 15 ) The general program for the media and public communication arranged training courses for trainees on Monday. The course aimed to train specialized radio broadcasters in how to prepare and produce awareness media letters and curricula as media tools. About 16 trainees were selected from the different radio broadcasts in Yemen.


– UNICEF discuses future projects and programs

Nov. 15 ) The governor of Lahj, Abud Al-Wahab Al-Darah met with UNICEF on Tuesday to discuss the new strategy of UNICEF and highlight the health problems and difficulties in the governorate. The governor stated that the government will present the facilities for the organization to support its activities.


– Yemen and Cuba discuss agricultural cooperation

Nov.14 ) The head of the Agricultural Cooperative Union, Mohammed Al-Sheriff, met the Cuban Ambassador to Yemen, Vienvemido Garcia Negrin, to discuss joint agricultural cooperation. During the meeting, Al-Sheriff highlighted the Cuban success in different fields of development particularly in agriculture and women's empowerment. The Cuban ambassador expressed readiness of his country to enhance cooperation with Yemen through training courses and exchanging experience and information between two countries.

– Program for medical supply

Nov. 15 ) The Cabinet agreed on its Tuesday's meeting to establish a national program for medical supply. The program aims to reinforce medical policy to warrant bringing drugs and medical equipment from reliable resources according to the international standardization, measures and quality. The cabinet asked both ministers of public health and population, and legal affairs to complete the legal procedures necessary to issue the decree of establishing the program.


– Cultural activities at Al-Saad Foundation

Nov.14 ) Al-Saad Foundation arranged cultural activities under the banner “UNESCO organization's role in improve the cultural