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January 22 2007


Successful stop to tribal clash

Jan. 20 ) The general manager of the Jamamah district in Hajah governorate stated that on Friday a tribal group convinced two fighting tribes to stop a fight started many years ago. The fight killed two men and injured another, who is in a critical situation. The fight was over disputed farmland.


Protest against rising license costs

Jan. 20 ) Hundreds of bus drivers arranged a march to the administration of the governate traffic. The march protested the rising cost of licenses. They want the local authority and the governorate of Hodeidah to stop the extraction of the traffic administration. The marchers threaten to go on strike if the traffic administration doesn't apply their requests.


The first union for poets

Jan. 20 ) As a first step in supporting the cultural and arts` movement in Shabwa , poet Ahmad Ba-Mahjob established the first union for poetry and poets at the beginning of this month. The established committee consists of six famous poets as the members. The union aims to give more concern to poetry in its different forms, encourage and create a competition between the inventers and the union will play a great role in developing the cultural movements if it find good supports, according to the union's establisher, Ahmad Ba-Mahjob.


Discussing women

empowerment project

Jan. 20 ) Deputy Governor of Saada Salem al-Waheishi held Thursday talks with the director of the project, Anit Fonj, at the German Cooperation Office for Development in Sana'a over the project of Equivalent Opportunities and Women Empowerment in the governorate of Sadah. Al-Waheishi pointed out that women in the governorate have achieved a remarkable success in the field of education, work and development and achieved many social and political rights. Fonj offered all required assistance for women in the development fields within the framework of the project that the German office would implement


The first Disables

General Conference

Jan. 20 ) Vice President Abdu-Rabu Mansour Hadi attended on Saturday, the first Disables General Conference which discussed, over two days, issues related to work programs of the Yemeni disabled. Hadi pointed out that this conference is a future sign to make this social section completely integrate with society's activities, production and creation. He expressed confidence that the conference will start a characteristic move on the administrative and performance level and establish offices for disabled in all governorates to qualify, employ or treat all in need.

Employing rural female

in teaching field

Jan. 20 ) Minister of Education, Abdul-Salam al-Jawfi, discussed on Wednesday with educational official in World Bank-Yemen Office Aisha Fu'ad aspects of educational cooperation between Yemen and the World Bank and the possibilities of the World Bank supporting the Ministry of Education's plans aimed at employing female high school graduates to teach, by contracts, in the rural districts in order to encourage girls to enroll to schools. They agreed on assigning a field team to study the needs of female instructors in remote and rural districts in order to put conditions and standards required for contract.


Bab El Mandab water project

Jan. 20 ) The General Secretary of Taiz Local Council Mohammed Al-Haj inspected the level of achievement the first phase of Bab El-Mandab Water Project. The cost of the project is around $280 million. Meanwhile, Al-Haj listened to progress for ongoing water projects funded by the European Union.