In brief [Archives:2007/1025/Local News]

February 15 2007


– Abyan governor ends land dispute

Feb. 13 ) Abyan Governor Fareed Mojawer ended a dispute between his deputy, Saleh Hadran, and Commander of the 312 Military Division Brig., Ahmad Ali Al-Shamj. The two officials were disputing over a plot of land on the Abyan coastline, leading to clashes. According to Abyan sources, Al-Shamj sent five military vehicles with soldiers onboard to the land after he learned that Hadran's fellowmen were dominating the land. The governor settled the dispute and order the case to be referred to the concerned parties in the housing and estate authorities to identify the actual owner of the land.

– Injuries and deaths in tribal clashes

Feb. 13 ) Up to 19 people died and 30 others injured in fierce armed confrontations between Al-Mudhaffar and Al-Kasad tribes in Abyan. Media sources said the clashes are currently taking pace in the mountains of Kasad tribe and the two parties are using heavy machineguns and explosives. Security forces couldn't enter the battleground because of the fierce fighting over border demarcation. The issue dates back to the early 1980s while government and tribal efforts failed to contain the issue.


– Students prepare for National Unity's 17th Anniversary

Feb. 13 ) The Celebration Subcommittee in Ibb Governorate announced during its Tuesday meeting, chaired by Ibb Governor Ali Bin Ali Al-Qaisi, the engagement of 4,000 schoolboys and girls to participate in a parade while celebrating the 17th Anniversary of the National Unity, scheduled to take place in the green province on May 22. In its meeting, the government leadership approved a celebration subcommittee, made up of the governor and his deputies, local council secretary general, rector of Ibb University and other officials, to make the necessary arrangements for the occasion.


– Port development programs in Hodeida and Makha

Feb. 13 ) The General Authority for Ports and Marine Affairs approved an amount of YR 663.9 million plus $2.6 million for developing and rehabilitating Hodeidah and Makha ports. Hodeidah Governor Mohamed Saleh Shamlan stressed the necessity of activating works in the port and developing it in order to compete with the neighboring international ports. In addition, Shamlan demanded establishing an electronic website for the Hodeidah Port to popularize the port, as well as the services and facilities it provides to ships and containers.


– Authorities demand religious cleric to evict his home

Feb. 12 ) Local authorities in Sa'ada governorate demanded Majdaddin Al-Muaidi, former religious cleric (Mufti) of Yemen and Hijaz, to evict his home in the area of Sudan Bani Muadh. The authorities announced that they care for Al-Muaidi's safety, but they told him to leave his house because it is located in area mapped for military operations, according to Sa'ada sources. The same sources said the government plans to expand the scope of its military operations with the aim of hunting rebels in the area.


– Meyon Island investment

plan completed

Feb. 13 ) The Yemeni Islands Development Authority has completed the first and second phases of preparing the Meyon Island investment plan. In a statement to the state-run Al-Thawrah daily, General Manger of YIDA Yahya Mutahhar Al-Kaine'i said that his authority is due to implement projects in the island in the areas of fisheries, tourism and trade. He mentioned that Meyon Island enjoys a strategic location closer to the international navigation route. “We expect the government to discuss the law presented by the authority regarding investment and development in the islands to encourage local and foreign investors to initiate businesses in the Yemeni islands,” he concluded.

University student settles tribal dispute

Feb. 13 – A university student under the name of Sa'adah Al-Teyal succeeded in ending a dispute between two Khawlan tribes, around 60 km. east of Sana'a. Al-Teyal, who belongs to Khawlan , played an important role in mediating between the two conflicting families. She left the school where she was giving remedial courses to children of both families to conciliate between the two families, thereby solving the dispute. Al-Teyal is famous for establishing friendly relations with women of the two villages engaged in the dispute over a mountain.


– Fishermen get boats from government

Feb. 12 – Fishermen in Bab Al-Mandab, Makha and Dhabab received 36 boats from the government after Deputy Governor of Taiz and the Local Council Secretary General Mohamed Ahmad Al-Haj meet fishermen and investigated their needs for infrastructure and fishery investment. Al-Haj pined that the government distributed the first batch of boats worth YR 25 million, thus fulfilling the promises it made in its platform. To pay for the boat 50 percent was paid while the remaining 50 percent will be paid in instalments for four years.