In brief [Archives:2007/1026/Local News]

February 19 2007


Police assault mass graves protestors

Feb. 17 ) Authorities confiscated the tents of people who protest raiding mass graves in Tareq Military Camp in Kour Maksar. The protestors claimed that undercover police stormed the tents they set up near the camp. The protestors shouted that the police assaulted three young people who were guarding the tents and detained two of them in the Criminal Investigation Bureau's jail.


NGOs dropped for violations

Feb. 18 ) As many as 44 private, cooperative and agricultural organizations have been dropped from the Social Affairs Office's register under directives from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour and Dhamar Governor, General Manger of the Dhamar Social Affairs and Labour Office Mohammed Saleh Al-Adhra'e. He pointed out that some of these organizations violate the laws and didn't show their final accounts, financial reports and other documents required for holding their electoral rounds in conformity with the law.


Ancient sites, museums restored

Feb. 18 ) The Lahj Antiquities Office is making the final arrangements to implement the rehabilitation project of the Hauta Museum, which was built in 1343 Hegira Islamic Calendar, AD 1924. The office's general manager, Mohammed Ahmad Salem, said, “The project is part of a broader plan for rehabilitating the building to become a national museum. In addition, there are other projects for restoring and walling several museums and ancient sites in the governorate.”


Sudanese official visits Yemen

Feb. 17 ) Nafe'e Ali, assistant to the Sudanese President and Deputy Chairman of the Sudanese National Congress Party for Political Affairs and his accompanying team, arrived in Sana'a for an official visit to Yemen. The Sudanese official carried a letter to Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh from his counterpart Omar Al-Bashir. According to Ali, the letter is concerned with the progress of relations between the two brotherly nations.

Government discusses comprehensive education strategy

Feb. 17 ) Minister of Education Abdulsalam Al-Jawfi launched the first consultative conference on the comprehensive education strategy on Saturday. The 3-day meeting was attended by general managers of education offices in the Yemeni governorates. The conference discussed several work papers on the comprehensive education strategy, in addition to enrolling all the Yemeni children in primary and secondary schools and helping them study in any schools nearby. Al-Jawfi praised the efforts the Education Ministry expends while paying hardship allowance for teachers nationwide.


Malaria fighting workshop

Feb. 18 ) In cooperation with Taiz University and the World Health Organization the National Program for Fighting Malaria organized a workshop on fighting malaria. The event was attended by many academics and representatives from the private and government sectors. The workshop disclosed that Taiz is the second Yemeni governorate, after Hodeida where citizens suffer the proliferation of malaria.

Al-Turba citizen demonstrate

Feb. 18 – Hundreds of people demonstrated on Sunday before the government complex in Taiz's Al-Turba area in protest lifted slogans that read “In order not to make it another Ja'ashin.””

The demonstrators sent a letter to the head of the local council and the district's head asking to set up the technical and vocational institute in Al-Masna'a area according to the old design and further to reinstate teacher Abdulghani Al-Zekri in his school and other teachers together with canceling all changes tp school administration.

They further called for making no changes to the route of the road under construction in order neither to harm personal properties nor to give area's influential people a chance to interfere with local council affairs.