In brief [Archives:2007/1029/Local News]

March 1 2007


– Fishermen trained

Feb. 26 ) The fishermen training course on fish quality and means of preserving them started last Saturday. In coordination with the Fish Quality Control Project, the Hodeida Fisheries Office organized the event at the Marine Sciences Center with the aim of promoting fish exports. As many as 20 fishermen from Hodeida and some fish cooperation societies are attending the seven-day course, which aims to train fishermen on the meaning of fish quality and its importance, as well as instruct them on how to use the means of maintaining the quality of the product for a longer period of time.


– Deaf and mute teaching programs developed

Feb. 27 ) The Deputy Governor of Hadramout for Valley and Desert Affairs Fahd Saleh Al-A'ajam and Ms. Lieza King, the Australian Volunteer in deaf and mute teaching programs discussed the means for developing the mechanism of teaching deaf and mute in the governorate. The discussion aims to ensure this social group their right to good quality education. Al-A'ajam praised the efforts so far pursued by the Australian volunteer in training several teachers on the sign language and the scientific methods of teaching deaf and mute.


– Symposium condemns terrorism

Feb. 26 ) Civil community organizations and youth activities in Ibb governorate condemned during a Sunday's symposium the acts and vandalism launched by terrorist elements in some areas of Sa'ada. The symposium confirmed that the terrorist acts including highway activities, intimidating innocent people and assaulting public interests, are plotted by foreign forces, who aim to reach their goals at the expense of Yemen's interest, national unity, security and stability. The symposium called on Yemeni people to confront such terrorist plots against Yemen.


– Security cooperation between Yemen and UAE

Feb. 27 ) UAE Deputy Minister of Interior Saif Abdullah Al-Shafar has just arrived in Sana'a for talks with Yemeni officials on different areas of security cooperation between both Arab states. The UAE official told the media that he visited Yemen to take part in signing a security cooperation agreement between the interior ministries in both countries with the aim of enhancing official efforts to confront all forms of crimes. He praised the mutual cooperation between Yemen and his government. The two sides discussed the means of strengthening security cooperation, fighting terrorism and smuggling, as well as training security personnel and exchanging experiences.

– Jordanian official leaves Yemen

Feb. 27 ) Chairman of the Jordanian Youth Supreme Council Atef Odheibat departed Sana'a Tuesday following his several-day visit to Yemen. Odheibat described his tour as successful and declared that both Arab countries agreed to place the agreements between the Yemeni Ministry of Youth and Sports and his council into effect. He added that the two sides are due to carry out projects, aimed at serving youth and sporting activities in the two brotherly countries.


– Tourists appreciate Aden

Feb. 26 ) A group of 18 French and Polish tourists declared earlier this week that they appreciated Aden's historic and ancient monuments, which according to them, reflect the cultural, historical and civil dimension achieved by the Yemeni man through different stages of Yemen's history. The team said it is happy to visit Yemen and know about its historic and tourist attractions, mainly the architectural style.