In brief [Archives:2007/1031/Local News]

March 8 2007


– French captain appreciates Coast Guard's performance

March 6 ) Jean Marie Demond, captain of a French hydrographical ship specialized in conducting scientific marine surveys, declared that he appreciates the performance of Aden's Coast Guard Authority, as well as the facilities it provides to international vessels.

He also stressed the necessity of Yemeni and French coast guards exchanging technical experience.

– Governor concerned about human rights abuses

March 7 ) Aden Governor Ahmad Mohammed Al-Kuhlani said Monday that Yemeni media should increase social groups' awareness about human rights in conformity with laws concerning controlling crime rates and human rights abuses.

His statement came during the inaugural ceremony of a human rights course organized by Yemen's Human Rights Ministry, in coordination with the British Embassy. The course aims to train junior lawyers in how to deal with abuses of women's and children's rights, as well as the difficulties they encounter during their daily work.


– Tourists visit historic sites

March 7 ) As many as 35 European and U.S. tourists on Tuesday toured numerous historic and ancient sites in Al-Beidha governorate's Rada'a city, including Al-Amria School and Mosque. They appreciated the architecture of Al-Amria School, as well as other historic sites reflecting Yemen's ancient architecture.

The group also visited the famed Rada'a Forest, one of the area's distinctive tourist attractions.


– Education official questioned in embezzlement

March 6 ) Hajjah's local council still is questioning Ahmad Al-Mu'lami, general manager of the governorate's Education Office, who has been suspended since last November over embezzlement charges and complaints filed by several office employees, according to Ammar Lutfallah, head of the local council's service committee.

Al-Mu'lami demands investigating those who made the complaints against him, adding that all of the charges attributed to him are false and baseless. He is accused of embezzling funds from several education projects.


– Ra'ash locals still live in fear

March 7 ) More than 400 residents in Ibb governorate's Ra'ash area say they still fear for their lives after returning home on Monday. They complain that Sheikh Mohammed Ahmad Mansour's bodyguards often intimidate them with arms.

Last month, more than 65 families were forced from their homes by the tyrannous sheikh after they refused to pay him a collective amount of YR 3 million (equivalent to $15,000) in zakat (an annual alms payment). The displaced residents camped in a nearby deserted area for one week.


– Japan supports Yemeni agricultural sector

March 6 ) Minister of Planning and International Development Abdulkarim Al-Arhabi and Japanese Ambassador to Yemen Masakazu Toshikage signed and exchanged memos concerning a new Japanese grant to increase food production in Yemen.

The $3 million grant will be used to purchase agricultural machinery and equipment to help underprivileged farmers improve their living standards, thereby contributing to developing Yemen's agricultural sector.

– Yemen, Saudi to establish economic zone

March 6 ) Yemeni and Saudi security authorities have agreed to establish a joint economic zone to promote investment opportunities in both nations, according to an official source at the Saudi-Yemeni Business Council.

The source mentioned that Yemen presented 75 investment proposals, including seaport management, mineral resources and tourism for the proposed city to be located in the area of Wadeea in the Empty Quarter.