In brief [Archives:2007/1038/Local News]

April 2 2007


– Authorities begin building or phanage

March 31 ) Concerned authorities in Aden have begun constructing a new orphanage in Be'ar Fadhl district. The YR 70 million project is being funded by the Qatar-based Islamic Organization.

Ahmad Abdullah Al-Tairi, project supervisor and general director of the governorate's orphanage, told Yemen News Agency that the new orphanage will have two wards, one for males and the other for females, as well as two schools and a mosque. He indicated that the project's first phase includes bedrooms to accommodate up to 40 girls, plus a library, a hall and a kitchen.


– Two killed in tribal clashes

March 31 ) Two men reportedly were killed and another two injured in armed confrontations between Al-Ruqaiha and Al-Madjara tribes in Lahj governorate's Al-Maqaterah district.

Local sources told that Sa'eed Hamid Othman and Sultan Sa'eed Mohammed were killed, while Alwan Nu'man Sa'eed and Mohammed Ahmad Abdullah were wounded in the fighting. The sources confirmed that clashes between the two tribes are ongoing over ownership of a mountain located in Al-Madjara village. Security authorities mobilized police to the scene of the fighting and arrested six tribesmen from both tribes.


– Relief aid reaches flood victims

March 31 – The governorate's local council has provided a consignment of relief aid to residents affected by heavy floods that inundated numerous areas in Al-Masila Valley.

Abdullah Mohammed Khadoum, secretary-general of Al-Masila's local council, clarified that foodstuffs were transported by helicopter to locals whose property was damaged by the flooding, which destroyed crops, washed away palm trees and cut off roads. Khadoum added that concerned authorities are due to begin rebuilding the damaged roads within the next two weeks.


– Al-Saleh Foundation to hold third Orphan's Festival

April 1 ) Al-Saleh Social Foundation for Development will stage the third Orphan's Festival April 5-6 with the participation of orphanages in the capital. Organized under the auspices of President Ali Abdullah Saleh and entitled, “Give Me a Hand,” the festival aims to mark Orphan's Day, remind people about the day and increase public awareness about social cooperation.

According to Hasiba Yahya Shanif, director of the foundation's women and children's sector, the festival will include a fascinating performance by children from orphanages, in addition to other forms of entertainment.

– Natural disaster course planned

April 1 ) In cooperation with the Mineral Wealth and Geological Survey Authority, the UNESCO National Committee will hold a training course in the coming days on reducing the effects of natural disasters, Yemen News Agency reported.

The course aims to train participants on how to deal with natural disasters, reduce their effects and increase public awareness about the means to minimize natural disaster effects. It will concentrate on rockslides, underground water pollution, landslides and other natural phenomena.


– Egyptian Film Week kicks off

April 1 ) In cooperation with the Egyptian government, Al-Sa'eed Foundation for Science and Culture kicked off Egyptian Film Week on Sunday. The event is due to show various historical and cultural films by great Egyptian directors, writers and artists. Films will include “The Earth,” “Between the Two Palaces” and “Embassy is in the Building.”

Additionally, the foundation will inaugurate two artistic exhibitions for youth, including one for artist Fatima Mukali from Syria. In a statement, General Manager Sa'eed Fare'e noted that the events are part of the foundation's 2007 activities.