In brief [Archives:2007/1039/Local News]

April 5 2007


Yemen, Russia discuss cooperation

April 3 – Abyan Governor Farid Mujawar and a specialized Russian delegation on Monday discussed the possibilities of expanding cooperation between Yemen and Russia regarding water projects, constructing dams and channels and generating energy.

At the meeting, Mujawar praised friendly Russian contributions to building several dams in both the Abyan delta and Ahwar areas with the aim of improving the governorate's agricultural sector. The head of the Russian delegation noted that the visit aims to enhance mutual cooperation programs in various areas.


Yemeni Jews mark Passover

April 3 ) The Jewish minority in Yemen marked the annual Passover celebration on Monday. Yemeni Jews slaughtered bulls and offered prayers, among other activities due to celebrate the eight-day event, which ends at sunset this Tuesday, April 10.

On such an occasion, Yemeni Jews visit each other and exchange congratulations and felicitations, in addition to holding Passover feasts (called seders) in a similar style pursued by other Jews worldwide. As many as 300 Jews reside in Yemen, mostly in Raida district, Amran governorate.


Landmine risk awareness program kicks off

April 3 – Yemen's Anti-landmine Awareness Association initiated an awareness program Monday to brief Al-Beidha governorate locals on landmine-related risks. The 10-day program will cover 15 villages in various districts of Al-Beidha governorate.

The program aims to increase awareness among rural area residents, provide them with safety measures to escape landmine risks and warn them against playing with objects believed to be landmines. In the meantime, numerous local and international organizations are working to clear landmines in various parts of Yemen.


Security cooperation between Yemen and France

April 3 ) On Monday, Hodeidah Governor Mohammed Shamlan discussed with the commander of French marine forces in the Indian Ocean the means of security cooperation between Yemen and France regarding coast guards, as well as mechanisms to benefit from French experience in marine monitoring, Yemen News Agency reported.

Shamlan welcomed the French naval commander's visit, expressing his hope that it will enhance and develop joint cooperation between the two countries in marine affairs. French military commander Jacques Lunali stressed the importance of conducting water surveys to know the available quantities and types of fish in Yemeni regional waters.


Court convicts suspects of forging documents

April 4 ) The State Security Specialized Penal Court convicted seven suspects Tuesday of forging official documents and identity credentials. The court sentenced two Saudi nationals to four years in prison, while Yemeni suspects Ali Hussein Al-Bukari, Ayad Mohammed Sultan, Jihad Abdullah Al-Amri and Tariq Mohammed Al-Najdi each face two years' imprisonment.

The court acquitted other suspects of the charges attributed to them in a verdict read by Judge Najib Al-Qadri.

Yemen to host statistical capacities forum

April 3 ) Yemen's capital city of Sana'a will organize and host the April 7 third Forum to Enhance Arab Statistical Capacities, part of the Paris 21 Solidarity Forum, and, at the same time, a preliminary meeting of the Community Development Measurement World Conference.

The forum is expected to discuss the current situation in the Arab region, statistical strategies and their development. Prepared by the Central Organization for Control and Audit, the world conference plan reveals that its meeting is due to discuss the strategic experiences of other countries.