In brief [Archives:2007/1040/Local News]

April 9 2007


– Tourists arrive at Aden Port

April 7 ) Seven yachts loaded with tourists of various nationalities docked Saturday at Aden Port, Yemen News Agency quoted a marine source as saying. As many as 33 tourists from Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Singapore, Australia, Britain and the United States arrived at the harbor on a tourist trip.

The news agency added that a program had been prepared for the foreign visitors to tour several archeological sites, historical attractions and popular markets in Aden.

– Officials discuss economic obstacles

April 8 ) On Saturday, Aden Governor Ahmad Al-Kuhlani discussed with a high-ranking British diplomat from the British Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Ministry various economic obstacles posed to Yemeni development, Yemen News Agency reported.

Al-Kuhlani reviewed local authority efforts to reconstruct infrastructure in the old quarters and establish new projects. The British official clarified that his visit is within the framework of his study on Yemen's primary issues, as mandated by his government.


– Teenaged boy's body found

April 7 ) Police in Lahj governorate's Tuban district discovered the body of a 17-year-old boy who was strangled to death, stabbed in his back and neck with a dagger and left in an unpopulated area. The victim, Nabih Mohammed Nu'man from Abr Lasloum village in Tuban district, was thrown in a deserted area with dogs surrounding his body.

Abdulsalam Al-Radhi, director of the Lahj Criminal Investigation Bureau, told Al-Ayyam daily newspaper, “Twenty-four hours after we were informed of the murder, police arrested a suspect from Al-Daba area in Tuban district, who confessed that he murdered Nu'man and discarded his body in a deserted area.”


– New foreign envoys to Yemen submit credentials

April 8 ) Yemeni Foreign Minister Abu Bakr Al-Qirbi on Saturday received the credentials of newly assigned foreign ambassadors to Yemen. The new diplomats include: Daoud Andul Muti, Jan Eliason, Admir Badrey, Mustafa Nour, Antony Feliamour, Warsheid Baowa and John Enro-Defenz, ambassadors of the Sultanate of Brunei, Sweden, Albania, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Ghana and South Africa, respectively.

The new envoys and Al-Qirbi discussed the means of mutual cooperation between Yemen and their countries.

– Sheikhs protest Al-Moayyad's detention

April 8 ) Hundreds of prominent Yemeni sheikhs urged President Ali Abdullah Saleh, his government, Yemeni political parties and all civil community organizations to take quick action to free the detained aging Sheikh Mohammed Al-Moayyad and his aide, Mohammed Zayed, who are imprisoned in the United States.

They protested official indifference toward Al-Moayyad's case and demanded the Yemeni government pressure the U.S. administration to release the pair. Rabish Bin Ali Wahban, a prominent sheikh from Al-Haima tribe, appealed to concerned organizations to pursue serious efforts to free the elderly sheikh and his companion.


– Arab Orphans Festival

April 7 ) Islah Social Charitable Society organized the Arab Orphans Festival on Thursday under the slogan, “Together for the Sake of a Safer Future for Orphans.” The event included poetry recitals and skits, in addition to speeches by officials from the society's head office and branches, as well as sheikhs and the mothers of orphans.

Speeches stressed the necessity of supporting charitable projects aimed at caring for orphans, as well as training them in various scientific and cultural areas so they'll grow up to become good citizens able to contribute to their country's development and prosperity.