In brief [Archives:2007/1042/Local News]

April 16 2007


Water Corporation threatened of bankruptcy

April 14 ) Officials in Hajja governorate's Local Water Corporation mentioned that the corporation, which is only two years old, is bound to collapse and threatened of bankruptcy due to the heavy loans it granted to social personalities in the governorate. Local sources said that the debts on social personalities to the corporation amount up to YR 120 million. They added that corporation hardly pay the salaries of workers and the operating expenses.


NUPO criticizes ruling party's policy

April 15 ) The Ibb Branch of Nasserite Unionist Popular Organization (NUPO) expressed concern about obstacles posed to projects funded by the exceptional budget of Ibb Governorate. It said that the money is wasted and the projects are randomly implemented under the pretext that those in charge of works have limited time to complete them as the 17th anniversary of the National Unity is drawing nearer. In addition,The party's branch released a statement criticising the ruling party's policy with regard to transforming the development projects into seasonal ones.


Ten new HIV cases in Aden

April 15 ) The Anti-AIDS Program Director in Aden revealed that his program registered ten new HIV-infected cases in Aden governorate over the past three months. Dr. Nabil Saleh Abdurrab, Coordinator of the Anti-AIDS Program said the ten HIV-infected cases are younger persons. Also, he told that the authorities deported last month two of the ten-HIV-infected cases after medical checkups discovered that they are infected with the HIV virus. It is worth-mentioning that one of the two HIV patients is from Ukraine and the other one is from India. Actually, the two guys came to Aden to work for a foreign company.


Handicapped Symposium

April 15 ) In cooperation with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, and the Handicapped Fund, the Yemeni Foundation for Special Education and Solidarity is organizing on Monday the First National Symposium on handicapped conditions and comprehensive development disorders. As many as 50 representatives from different Arab and local organizations concerned with the handicapped issues are participating in the symposium, scheduled to last until April 18.


Heavy rains destroy houses

April 15 ) Several houses collapsed on Saturday night when heavy torrential rains fall on Maghreb Ans District. The floods ploughed over valleys and agricultural farms and blocked the roads connecting the district with Dhamar city. Major Fuad Al-Sanabani, Director of Maghreb Ans District, said that the heavy rains continued up for five hours, leaving great damages in houses and other property.


Influential person demolishes home with residents insides

April 15 ) One of the influential persons in Al-Hasab area in Taiz, aided by a group of policemen, demolished a house, belonging to the citizen, Mr. Awadh Saif Al-Selwi while women and children were inside under the pretext that this person is one of the landlord's heirs. The mother of the children revealed that policemen, accompanied by gunmen, came aboard police vehicles and raided the house without giving them any chance to go outside.

Quran memorizers awarded

April 15 ) Muadh Scientific Society for Quran Sciences hold on Saturday a rewarding ceremony, which is the ninth of its kind for Quran memorizers, who came from different Yemeni governorates. Some 335 Quran memorizers attended the awarding ceremony. At the event, Deputy Taiz Governor Mohammed Al-Hayajem delivered a speech in which he congratulated the outstanding Quran memorizers and praised the role played by the society.